Patents are often confused with copyrights and trademarks. While they are all considered a form or intellectual property protection, patents serve some very important purposes that the others do not.

What is a patent?

A patent is a form of intellectual property that provides the patent owner with the right to exclude others from manufacturing, making, using, marketing, selling, or importing a claimed invention for a set period of time. This right is granted to an inventor by the federal government. 

The patent can be granted for an invention, like a new product or a process that generally provides a new way of doing something. It can even be granted to someone that offers a new, technical solution to a problem.

Patents are territorial, meaning that a patent issued by a particular country will not provide any protection in other countries. That said, an patent application filed in one country, such as the United States, can often be used to claim an earlier priority or filing date in another country.

The owner of a patent may give permission to, (or license) other parties to use the invention. The owner may also sell the right to the invention to someone else, who then becomes the new owner of the patent. 

A patent can expire. Once it does, the protection ends and the invention enters the public domain. At that point anyone can commercially exploit the invention without infringing the patent.

There are three types of patents:

      1. Utility Patents. These are the most common type of patent. They are granted to new machines, chemicals and processes.
      2. Design Patents. These are granted to protect the unique appearance of design of manufactured objects, such as the surface ornamentation or overall design of the object.
      3. Plant Patents. These are granted for the invention and asexual reproduction of new and distinct plant varieties, including hybrids.

Patent law can be complicated and while anyone can apply, it is important to remember that patent attorneys hold a vast amount of experience with not only applying but enforcing and leveraging all the ways a patent can more than pay for itself. View our costs, fees & prices here.

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