Copyright Infringement Attorney Naperville, IL Copyright Infringement Attorney Naperville, IL

Intellectual Property laws, or IP laws, are designed to protect artists’ work from copiers and thieves. These are the individuals who mimic an artist’s work and claim it as their own without giving credit to the actual artist. If you have been impacted by stolen intellectual property, you can rely on a copyright infringement attorney in Naperville, IL at Konrad Sherinian, LLC. for help holding the wrongdoer accountable for the theft.

Categories of Intellectual Property

There are two main categories for intellectual property: Industrial (patents for inventions and trademarks), and Copyright. Copyright is very similar to a industrial patents, only the difference is that it involves inventions and works that fall under expressive arts. In addition to providing a level of duplication protection from the work, it is also important to note that the secondary purpose for copyright use is to provide creators and owners a financial benefit as well. Should anyone elect to use a product covered by a patent, a trademark attorney in Chicago, IL can help ensure the creator is being compensated or credited.

Magic Tricks and Illusions vs Tools of the Trade

Magic, magic tricks, and illusions tend to fall under this copyright category. However, our team at Konrad Sherinian, LLC. understands how tricky this can be to navigate. A copyright infringement attorney in Naperville, IL is aware that United States laws do not protect magicians’ arts very well. In fact, one simply cannot copyright a magic trick. There are no protections for the actual trick or illusion itself; the closest one can get protecting the act is copyrighting the choreography, or pantomimes. The whole act itself cannot be copyrighted.

In addition, magicians’ tools of the trade and devices are another matter entirely. New devices would be considered an invention, therefore it would fall under the industrial patent category. They are easier to patent, as it is a physical invention, rather than a choreographed act.

However, in the magic community, there is a strong downside to filing a patent for a particular magic apparatus. A copyright infringement attorney in Naperville, IL can review your submission for a copyright patent, as it must contain how the tool operates in order for it to be approved. This makes the information and secrets more easily accessible to the public. It reveals a magician’s secret.

Some Things To Remember:

  • Magic tricks and illusions cannot be protected by copyright; only the movements and choreography can be.
  • Magicians’ invented and modified supplies can be protected by patents, however there is a large risk with filing, as in order to patent the device, a magician would be exposing the inner mechanisms as well.
  • Most illusions do not use special devices, but rather utilize sleight-of-hand and misdirection. Therefore industrial patents cannot protect acts.

If you feel as if you may have a copyright or other intellectual property issue in regards to magic and would like to address them with an expert, contact a copyright infringement attorney in Naperville, IL at Konrad Sherinian, LLC. for more information.

Contact an Intellectual Property Attorney

If your magic trick or artwork has been stolen, you may be entitled to compensation. Please reach out to a copyright infringement attorney in Naperville, IL today to review your case to get the justice that you deserve. Compensation typically comes in lost wages and pain and suffering costs.