If you believe another party has stolen your invention, patent infringement lawyers in Chicago, IL may be able to help. Working so hard to create a unique product and then having it stolen by someone else can be devastating. A lawyer can help you bring the party to justice.

What Is a Patent Infringement?

Patent infringement occurs when a person or company uses or sells your invention without your permission. Here are the types of infringement that can occur:

  • Direct Infringement: Direct infringement occurs when someone intentionally infringes upon your patent rights. In this situation, the person likely knows a lot about your patent, but decides to use or sell it anyway.
  • Indirect Infringement: Indirect infringement involves persuading a third party to infringe upon a patent. It also involves contributing to another person’s infringement upon a patent.

What Are the Penalties for Patent Infringement?

If the court determines that a person or company has infringed on a patent, they will be ordered to pay damages to the patent holder. In addition to receiving compensation for lost profits, the patent holder may also receive money for court filing and litigation fees.

What Should You Do If Someone Infringes Your Patent? 

If you just found out that someone has infringed your patent, you likely feel devastated. However, you can stand up for your rights and take action. If you have a decent relationship with the person who has infringed your patent, you may want to discuss the matter with him or her first.

While it is understandable that you’re angry, avoid screaming and yelling at the patent infringer. As patent infringement lawyers in Chicago, IL can confirm, this can make the situation worse. Instead, remain calm and talk about the issue rationally. The infringer may be open to a fair resolution, such as a lump sum payment.

If the patent infringer won’t agree to a fair resolution, it may be time to get patent lawyers in Chicago, IL involved. They should be familiar with your industry and have many years of experience in patent law. Your lawyer will help you gather evidence of the infringement and file a formal complaint in court. The complaint will be served to the infringer, who will have a chance to respond. If he or she does not respond, you can take the case to court.

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