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When you have an idea or creation, and you would like to market it to your audience, or sell the rights to another entity, you should talk with a patent lawyer near me in Chicago, IL before doing anything else. By doing so you can ensure you maximize your profits, your interests, and the very thing you put your time and energy into creating. If you’re wondering, “Where can I make an appointment with a patent lawyer in Chicago, IL near me? Call the Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian.

Meet The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian

For decades, we have enabled visionaries in Chicago, and across the state of Illinois, with quality patents that protect against competition, thievery, and monetary loss. Our patent legal services are broad and include:

  • Pre-filing considerations
  • Patent search opinions
  • Patent inventorship and ownership
  • Provisional and non-provisional patent applications
  • Design, plant, utility, and international patent application
  • Patent prosecution
  • Patent petition
  • Patent reissuing
  • Patent appeal
  • Patent litigation
  • Patent infringement
  • Patent monetization
  • Patent related services

If you would like to protect your ideas and any invention that results from the idea, you should speak with a patent lawyer near me in Chicago, Illinois.

As a respected, knowledgeable a Chicago, IL patent lawyer near you, we can help you join the league of other intellectual property owners in the state. We will help you to understand your options, guide you through the process, and begin to safeguard your hard work.

Understanding Patents

A patent will give you the exclusive right to make, manufacture, sell, and license the product or idea in whichever country you have applied for, and received, the patent. If any party attempts to duplicate your product, without your permission, they may be infringing on your patent. In this case, a patent lawyer near me in Chicago, Illinois may engage in the formal litigation process.

To anyone without a legal background of intellectual property, the patent process can appear complicated and may be very difficult to navigate. By hiring a Chicago, IL patent lawyer near me from the very beginning, you can save time, money, and opportunity. In general, it is not worth the risk of choosing not to have legal assistance.

If You’ve Came Up with an Idea or Invention, Now is the Time to Protect It

Whether you need a plant, medicine, consumer product, utility, or technological-related patent, a patent attorney from the Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian can help. A Chicago, IL patent lawyer near me will be a vital part of the entire patent process. Choosing to have a legal advocate on your side can protect your business and livelihood. In addition to patenting your idea, your attorney can also assist in any trademarks or copyrights which often are part of the process and will be needed at some point.

If you are interested in learning more about the patent process, or are ready to begin patenting your idea or invention, it is time to consult a patent attorney Charlottesville, entrepreneurs turn to for legal counsel and advice. For a complimentary consultation with a patent lawyer in Chicago, IL near me, call the Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian.

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