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Patent infringement attorneys in Chicago IL know that after putting significant time and energy into developing intellectual property, the last thing you want to happen is to have that idea stolen by another party. Intellectual property law can be complex, issues that arise need the guidance and experience offered by The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian, LLC.


A trademark is a symbol that identifies a product. The symbol may or may not include the product’s name or the company that owns the product’s name. Trademarks are usually easily recognizable for certain brands. Trademarks are used to keep other parties from using a similar symbol as a way to confuse potential consumers. Chicago IL patent infringement attorneys want you to know that, depending on the type of property you have, you may need a trademark as a way to protect that property.

Before an IP owner chooses a trademark, you should first consult with a patent infringement attorney from Chicago IL to make sure that the symbol you have chosen is unique in its originality and unsimilar to any other trademarks. For example, someone who has decided to open up a fast food restaurant would likely not want to use any symbol that looks like a golden arch. This is because, there is already a long-established, international fast food chain that uses golden arches as their trademark.

A patent infringement attorney in Chicago IL who specializes in trademarks and intellectual properties will be able to conduct a trademark search to make sure that the symbol you have chosen is acceptable.

Having an original and unique trademark is important for avoiding litigation with another company with a similar trademark. Failing to do so could actually have a negative impact on the perception the public may have of your product. This is especially true if the similar trademark is for a product that has a bad reputation, is poorly made, or otherwise has had a negative impact on consumers. If the trademarks are too much alike, consumers could confuse the product for the poorly manufactured one.

Once your Chicago IL patent infringement attorney has confirmed that your trademark is original, you will need to register it with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This process can take up to one year to complete, however, during this time, you are protected from infringement. You may need to also register your trademark with the Secretary of State’s Office in Illinois. A patent infringement attorney from Chicago IL that you rely on can advise you on this.

Once your trademark is registered, if another party uses it without your permission, consult with your Chicago IL patent infringement attorney about filing an infringement lawsuit. A successful lawsuit will result in an injunction issued that will stop the other party from using your trademark. There may also be monetary damages awarded to the owner of the trademark.  

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At The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian, LLC, we offer extensive legal experience in addressing the issues related to intellectual property. You need a seasoned intellectual property attorney Illinois clients recommend to put the tools into place that will protect your IP. If you need a patent attorney in Chicago IL to pursue an infringement lawsuit, contact our office today to schedule a free consultation to find out how our legal team can help.