Amazon Copyright Dispute Lawyer Chicago, IL

The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian can provide Chicago, IL business owners with an Amazon copyright dispute lawyer you can turn to for guidance. Many people assume that a copyright is for works like a song, a poem, or a book. Furthermore, it is widely believed that by placing the popular copyright symbol, ©, that they will have protected their work. This is not true. Copyrights are complex. Furthermore, copyright protection can extend into software, website content, social media, online videos, and other creations. In other words, copyright has gone beyond printed material and into the realm of digital media. If you have produced something like this, and you are concerned about protecting it from being used by another party, it may be a good idea to hire our Amazon copyright dispute lawyer available in Chicago, Illinois.

At The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian, our Chicago, IL Amazon copyright dispute lawyers help individuals and companies with all facets of copyright protection, as well as, intellectual property. We consider ourselves to be efficient and knowledgeable which can save a copious amount of time and money. Once we understand your goals, Amazon copyright dispute lawyers based in Chicago, IL will seek to move towards them with diligent legal advocacy. 

Copyright Protection Challenges

Copyright law is complicated and comes with challenges that can typically be divided into the following:

Registering a Copyright – Registering a copyright is important. While it is true that select works are protected by copyright law as soon as they have been created in a tangible format, you generally cannot force these rights until you register the copyright with the USPTO. Or, you should be able to demonstrate you tried to register your copyright, but were denied. Our Chicago, IL Amazon copyright dispute lawyers can assist you with this at any point in the process. However, by contacting us right from the start, we can help to mitigate issues early on. 

In the event that someone copies your work, and you did not register it with the USPTO, you likely will not be able to file a lawsuit against them. Yes, you may be able to expedite the copyright, but the chances of recovering damages may be decreased. 

Finally, a big myth our Amazon copyright dispute lawyers in Chicago, IL hear a lot is the ability to mail your own work to yourself to get legal copyright protection. This is not true. The only way to get copyright protection is to register it with the USPTO

Our lawyers can help you to identify the correct assets that need copyright protection. We can also apply on your behalf to ensure the forms are accurately completed. In general, applying for a copyright is easier than applying or a trademark, but if you are on a time constraint or concerned about your intellectual property needs, our Chicago, IL Amazon copyright dispute lawyer should be consulted. 

Alternatively, if you are planning to hire someone who will be creating copyrighted works for you, you should have a strong independent contractor agreement, or other agreement that protects your rights and interests. A Chicago, IL Amazon copyright dispute lawyer at The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian can help you. 

Do You Have Questions About Copyright or Intellectual Property Law?

Before you take a risk regarding your creation, invention, or idea, and introduce these things to the general public, you should call The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian. For a consultation with an Amazon copyright dispute lawyer that Chicago, IL business owners can turn to, call our offices today.