Foreign Patent Protection

Given today’s global economy, many companies and inventors seek protection not only in the United States but in countries around the world.  As with US patents, foreign patents can be even more important to smaller companies, which rely on intellectual property to prevent larger competitors from overpowering them in the profitable niches that they exploit, as well as to the capital that they need to grow market share and create jobs.  Sherinian Law helps numerous inventors and companies obtain foreign patent protection.

There are two options to obtain protection in foreign countries based on a U.S. Patent Application:

1) within one year of filing a U.S. Patent Application you can file a foreign application in any country that is a signatory of the Paris Convention that claims priority to the earlier filed U.S. Patent Application;

2) within one year of filing a U.S. Patent Application you can file an application pursuant to the Patent Cooperation Treaty that allows you to delay filing foreign applications for an additional eighteen (18) months (in most countries).

Filing an Application Under the Paris Convention

The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)

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