Failure to Pay Minimum Wage

Both Federal and Illinois wage laws set minimum standards for employee compensation and benefits.  Unfortunately, employers often ignore their obligations and fail to pay the required minimum wage.  Sherinian Law helps employees obtain back pay and damages.

Under Illinois law employers are required to pay most employees at least $8.25 per hour.  This pay must be provided “free and clear” without any deduction of expenses from the wages to cover equipment or other items that primarily benefit the employer.

Federal employees are not subject to the requirement of paying $8.25 per hour, and rather, must be paid at least $7.25 per hour.  In addition, tipped employees can be paid lower wages if their tips are enough to make up the difference between the pay that they earn and the required minimum wage of $8.25 per hour.

If your employer failed to pay you the required minimum wage, your employer can be made to pay you up to twice your lost wages.  You can also seek an injunction requiring the employer to make such payment.

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