Chicago Patent Lawyer

Are you looking for a Chicago patent lawyer? Our lawyers are skilled in providing big firm quality services, with a boutique firm’s attention to detail. Our firm performs a full-range of intellectual property, technology, Internet law, and commercial litigation services for our clients. Many of our clients are highly innovative technology companies that are redefining what’s possible. Along the way, they are raising numerous important legal issues that we help them navigate.

We realize that to best help our clients, our attorneys need to understand our clients’ technology. Therefore, we ensure that our attorneys understand technology, rather than just refer to themselves as technology attorneys. Unlike other boutique firm attorneys with no technical backgrounds, many of our attorneys were engineers or scientists before they became attorneys. This can make all the difference if you want to protect a key invention or fight off a nuisance lawsuit. In addition, as part of our technology centric philosophy, our firm embraces technology in all aspects of our practice. Where other firms rely on expensive experts, we frequently have a low cost and effective in-house solution.

When pursuing a patent, a Chicago patent lawyer can help you make a number of key decisions, as well as help prepare the actual patent documents. First, you must determine which type of patent you’d like to file. Design patents protect the overall appearance of your product from potential counterfeiters. That way you have the ability to sue if competitors make knock-offs of your product.

Utility patents (provisional and non-provisional) are what most people think of when they think of a patent. In particular, utility patents protect the functional aspects of your invention. Utility patents prevent others from making, using, selling, offering to sell or importing into the US competing goods or services that would violate the scope of protection.

Utility patents can be critical assets for businesses of all sizes, protecting your valuable investments in research and development and maintaining your technological advantage over competitors. Our Chicago patent lawyers have strength and experience in many areas of patent prosecution including the following:

  • Software, including databases, video games, distributed systems, mobile applications, GPS technologies, and many others
  • Mechanical devices
  • Electro-Mechanical devices
  • Electrical designs
  • Electronics designs including digital logic systems, microprocessor systems, etc.
  • Computer Systems
  • Medical devices
  • Supplements
  • Financial Products Technologies
  • Business methods

Our experience includes working with larger companies, as well as working directly with entrepreneurs. We will tailor our approach to match the needs of your business.

Provisional patent applications (technically “provisional utility patent applications”) provide a priority date for a given invention to which future non-provisional utility patent applications may claim priority if the non-provisional utility patent application(s) are filed within one year of the provisional patent application filing date. Because provisional patent applications are less expensive to file than non-provisional utility patent applications, the one year deadline can be used to enable a business to explore the marketability and profitability of a given invention before a larger investment is made. On the other hand, if a company knows it will pursue a utility patent application on a given invention, the step of filing a provisional patent application may not be cost effective. Contact our Chicago patent lawyer for guidance.

In order to start the examination process at the USPTO of a utility patent application, you must file a non-provisional utility patent application. You may file the non-provisional utility patent application as your initial application or you may file it as a follow up to a previously filed provisional utility patent application.

A non-provisional patent application includes: (1) drawings; (2) a written description of the invention; and (3) a set of claims. Contact an attorney at the Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian at (630) 318-2606 today, for sound guidance from a Chicago patent lawyer.