If you are a Chicago area resident with a new invention then you need a Chicago patent attorney.  The attorneys at our firm provide skillful representation to inventors seeking patent protection in a variety of technology areas.  In particular, attorneys at Sherinian Law have drafted patents in the following areas:

  • Software, including databases, video games, distributed systems, mobile applications, GPS technologies, and many others
  • Mechanical devices
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Janitorial equipment
  • Electro-Mechanical devices
  • Electrical designs
  • Electronics designs including digital logic systems, microprocessor systems, etc.
  • Computer Systems
  • Medical devices
  • Supplements
  • Financial Products Technologies
  • Business methods
  • Many others

CHICAGO PATENT ATTORNEYWe specialize in serving innovative individuals and companies.  And, in addition to helping you apply for a patent, our attorneys have had success in defending patents before the PTAB, and litigating patents in Federal Court.  

If you are seeking to file for a patent, the process will involve several steps.  First, we will need to understand your invention.  This will generally involve a meeting or extensive discussion over the phone or by video chat.  We will also seek to understand your goals:  Are you seeking to form a startup company with venture capital?  Are you a small inventor seeking to license technology to industry?  Do you already have an established company and you need protection for your latest product?  All of these will lead us to recommend different approaches.  Are you inventing in an area that you don’t know, or are you inventing in an area where you are the established authority?  As a respected chicago patent attorney, only by understanding your business and your invention can we provide you with the best possible service.

We will explain all of the possible next steps to you, and offer our recommendation based on our understanding of your invention and your business.  In certain cases, the next step would be a patent search, while in others, the next step would be a provisional application or even a non-provisional application.  If we do proceed with an application on your behalf, we will work with you to have drawings prepared that capture every aspect of your invention, and ensure that the specification describes your invention in detail.  Once you have had an opportunity to ensure that the application covers every aspect of your invention, we will file the invention, and make sure that any deadlines are docketed.

Once your invention is protected, we can also help you to license your invention to industry.  We have extensive experience in patent licensing, and have helped our clients receive millions of dollars in royalties.  And, if your invention should be challenged by an Inter Partes Review, or Post Grant Proceeding, we have an excellent record before the PTAB.  We strive to be more than just your attorneys; we want you to think of us as your partners, who will always keep your best interest in mind.

Contact the Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian at (630) 318-2606 today for sound guidance from a chicago patent attorney.