When a Doctor Fails to Diagnose a Complication During Pregnancy or Birth

Wrongful Birth Attorney Chicago ILAfter you have put faith in the medical team who delivered your child, you may find yourself in need of a wrongful birth attorney Chicago IL. Parents rely heavily on doctors and medical staff to offer knowledge and care for their baby during pregnancy and the birth process. In fact, medical personnel is required to offer a standard quality of care to every patient. Those who deter from this standard may commit a devastating error which could result in a birth injury or failure to inform parents of potential birth defects. Medical mistakes can take on many forms, and some may lead to more serious repercussions than others. However, failing to diagnose an illness or complication during pregnancy can lead to long-term disabilities or even death.

If you believe that a crucial mistake was made either during pregnancy or after, we highly recommend reaching out to a wrongful birth attorney Chicago IL without hesitation. A medical malpractice attorney Chicago IL can help you seek justice for the oversight through filing a lawsuit against the doctor or medical facility.

Failure to Diagnose Defined

When a doctor fails to diagnose an issue, this means he or she did not identify or properly treat a condition that could have been easily prevented. A doctor may have missed the illness entirely or committed a misdiagnosis. Failing to diagnose a complication during pregnancy or delivery is viewed as medical malpractice, if it results in birth injuries to the infant and/or mother. A wrongful birth attorney Chicago IL understands the complexity of birth injury lawsuits and knows what elements of proof can be most influential to your case.

It is important to note that in order to have a strong foundation for a birth injury lawsuit, it must be shown that the mother and doctor had a physician-patient relationship. If a doctor who wasn’t your primary physician gives you incorrect advice, he or she may not necessarily be liable for birth injuries. Additionally, the birth injuries must have stemmed directly from the primary doctor’s failure to diagnose, in which another doctor would not have made the same mistake.

Repercussions for Failing to Properly Diagnose

A doctor that made a crucial mistake, may cause a condition that would have otherwise been prevented. For instance, a baby that wasn’t diagnosed and treated for jaundice can suffer from severe brain damage, hearing loss, and cerebral palsy. Another example is if the mother had an infection that went unidentified, the baby may be vulnerable to cognitive challenges, oxygen deprivation, and more. Further repercussions for failure to diagnose can entail the following:

  • Baby failing to reach developmental milestones
  • Baby sustaining temporary or permanent nerve damage
  • Lifelong physical injuries or disabilities
  • Undergoing a surgery that would have not been necessary if a diagnosis was made and appropriate treatment provided

The team at the Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian can imagine the agony and financial strife you may be going through due to a wrongful birth. If your doctor failed to diagnose you and/or your infant, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation. Even if the repercussions of the failed diagnosis cannot be undone, we will do what is within our legal power to see that you receive the restitution deserved for the pain and suffering. Call today for prompt legal assistance from a wrongful birth attorney Chicago IL.