Patent Lawyer Chicago, IL

Why Hire a Patent Lawyer?If you have created or invented something new, and are ready to take it to investors or the marketplace, you may want to talk with the patent lawyer Chicago, IL calls first. Contrary to what you might have been told about patents, these can be applied for when you have a working prototype or intricate set of sketches. The experienced team at The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian can discuss your options and let you know whether or not you should file for a patent during a consultation.

Individuals, small businesses, inventors, and companies are all able to apply for a patent. While you can do so on your own, it is not advisable unless you are confident in the ability to accurately explain your product or idea in such a way that the patent office will accept your application. To begin your patent process, you should find a Chicago, IL patent lawyer who understands how important a patent is and will work hard to offer affordable fees. This way you may benefit from the advantages that a patent has to offer.

The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian has many years of experience in practicing business and intellectual property law which includes patent consultation, registration, appeals, and more. Guided by a confident knowledge of this intricate legal field, we have successfully helped our clients protect their creative works with a patented registration.

What an Experienced Chicago, IL Patent Lawyer Can Do For You

Only lawyers who go to law school, pass a state bar, and pass a patent bar exam can call themselves a patent lawyer. The patent bar exam is not easy and before it can be taken, a lawyer must prove that he or she has formal certification or education in certain technical fields like science, technology, medicine, mathematics, engineering, programming, and so forth. Once they pass the exam, the lawyer must registered with the United States Patent Office. Only then can they offer services as a qualified patent lawyer in Chicago, IL. The reason for such qualifications is because a patent is not like any other application. It must be filled out in a very unique manner and include intricate sketches and explanations. The application itself could take weeks or months to be completed before being sent off to the patent office.

A patent lawyer in Chicago typically works specifically in the field of business and intellectual property law. Choosing a firm that works with patents on a daily basis could make a big difference in your own legal needs. The patent lawyers at The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian writes many successful patent applications every year. Our understanding of these complex matters will be invaluable to your own innovation and assist in getting you ahead of your potential competition.

Do I Need a Patent and a Patent Lawyer?

Just because you created something does not mean you need to file for a patent. However, before you make an ultimate decision if you don’t file for a patent and another person or company creates and patents something similar, you could find yourself in an ensuing legal battle. If you truly believe in what you invented, you should not underestimate the importance of a patent.

You do not need a patent lawyer to apply for a patent. If you believe you can convey all of the technical details of your creation into the application while meeting strict deadlines, you may file on your own. Doing so could pose to be risky. If you apply for a patent without a patent lawyer, and you get denied, you will be out of the application fee and your time. Plus you will need to re-apply or file an appeals. In addition to the mandatory details required by the patent office, you may be faced with oversights, rules, omissions, and other upheavals that may limit how or what you patent.

At the minimum, a patent lawyer from Chicago, IL can review your application prior to submission. Although not as good as having a lawyer complete the entire process, the review may offer you guidance and advice before you go through with the application.

Alternative to Filing a Patent

If you do not have the money to file a patent with or without a patent lawyer, or your creation needs some fine tuning before you patent it, you may want to consider filing for a provisional patent application. This acts as a safeguard and gives you one year to file a formal patent. The provisional patent also allows you to present your creation to interested investors without having any concern over the theft of your idea.

The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian: Let Us Help You To Secure Your Future

If you want to secure your future, you should consider patenting your idea or creation. By working with the dedicated and experienced patent lawyer Chicago, IL trusts, you can help make sure your ideas are safely your own. Contact The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian today to schedule a consultation.