What Kind of Patent Should Software Designers Secure?

What Kind of Patent Should Software Designers SecureIf you’re a software designer or developer, it’s a good idea to protect your intellectual property with the help of software patent lawyers Chicago, IL trusts. Once you’ve made the decision to patent your work, you may be wondering what kind of patent you should secure.

Thankfully, the attorneys at The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian are here to guide you through the process and ensure that your creative work gets the legal protection it needs. Our

Some Basics to Understand About Safeguarding your Creative Work

First, you should know that software can be patented, copyrighted or both. For various reasons, some developers and companies choose to pursue just one while others seek both. So what’s the difference?

When you copyright your software, you are essentially protecting the code itself, meaning that it cannot be reproduced without your permission. When you patent your software, however, you are protecting the idea behind the software. Copyrights are fairly easy to obtain, while getting approval for a patent is more complicated (partly because it provides more protection). This is why you may want to seek help from patent lawyers Chicago IL businesses know they can trust.

Can Any Software Be Patented?

Not all software will qualify for a patent. The criteria for patenting software is the same as for any other invention under U.S. patent law. These are:

  •       That your software is new, unique and non-obvious (it’s not something that many others in your field would come up with on their own)
  •       That you are not just patenting something generic like a business method. Instead, your software needs to be usable with a machine and have a commercial or industrial purpose.
  •       That your patent application is fully filled out and sufficiently detailed.

Filling Out Your Application

This is one area in which an attorney’s assistance is particularly valuable because specificity and clarity are paramount. You need to provide clear and comprehensible explanations for what your software does, how it works, what it is designed to achieve, what its component parts are and which parts of the software you specifically want to protect.

It is difficult to revise your application after you submit it, so it is critical to get things right the first time. Also, the smallest problem with your application could cause it to be rejected, so you cannot afford to overlook any details. An experienced Illinois patent lawyer is the ideal person to help you fill out the application and to comb through it for any potential problems.

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