Claim vs Case: Do you need a lawyer?

If you were in an an auto accident recently, don’t rush to hire an attorney! Most times, you will not need to hire a lawyer to obtain fair compensation for your case. However, there are times when a lawsuit is unavoidable, and if so, trying to go it alone in court almost guarantees disaster. Our book covers this subject in detail, but here are examples of situations when you should consider hiring an attorney:

·         When your damages are minimal. If your losses total less than a few thousand dollars, hiring a lawyer isn’t necessary. In addition, if it’s not a high dollar claim, the insurance company is more likely to approve your claim and reimburse you for your damages.
·         When the insurance company offered you a fair settlement. If you have already filed a personal injury claim and it was approved for the amount of your damages, there is no point in hiring a lawyer.
·         When the insurance company pays you a fair settlement without delay. If they are prompt in their payment, there is no need to hire an attorney.


Rarely is it necessary to take an insurance company to court. However, if a lawsuit is unavoidable, that’s when you want to hire a lawyer. Trying to represent yourself in a courtroom almost guarantees disaster. Here are examples of when we will step in to protect our client’s rights:

·         When the victim’s damages are significant and the at-fault party’s insurance company denies the claim. When we provide proof of their liability it’s usually enough to motivate them to negotiate a settlement. If it’s not enough, we’ll take them to court.
·         When the damages are significant the insurance company refuses to offer a fair settlement. For example, if our client was paralyzed in an accident that they didn’t cause but the other driver’s insurance company offers only a few thousand dollars, we will take legal action if necessary.
·         When the insurance company does not pay promptly. In situations where our client suffered egregious damages, they need a check from the insurance company sooner rather than later in order to pay for medical treatment. All too often, insurance companies will delay paying victims for as long as possible, potentially forever. Don’t let them get away with it.

If you feel you may benefit from the services of an attorney, give us a call. Just to make sure you really need us, we offer a free one-time consultation with one of our personal injury lawyers.

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