When your teenager has been in a car accident, you are probably looking for a teen car accident law firm Chicago, IL parents have turned to for help. At The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian, we have helped many clients who have had teenagers get into car accidents. We understand that this time can be traumatic and your child may be recovering physically, emotionally, and mentally from the accident. If you would like to learn more about what you can do if your teenager is in a car accident, give our office a call to speak with a trusted car accident lawyer Chicago, IL relies on. We are there for you when you need us. 

How can you help your teen?

Every parent of a teenage driver dreads this call: your child has been in a car accident and they are scared. You may have prepared them for this moment but they may be so shaken up they are unsure of what to do. How can you help them when this happens?

  • Have them check for injuries. This is one of the first things they should do after they have been in an accident. If they had any passengers in the car, they should check them too. Once they have done this, you or your child should call 9-1-1. Many areas require a person to call 9-1-1 when an accident has occurred, especially if someone is injured. 
  • Determine if they’re safe. If your child is still stuck in the middle of traffic, see if they are able to slowly and carefully move their vehicle out of immediate danger. If they cannot move the car, make sure they turn on the hazard lights and stay buckled in until the authorities get there. 
  • Make sure they do not accept blame. Immediately following an accident, they may feel compelled to apologize to the other driver even if the accident was not their fault. Make sure they do not admit to anything and tell them to wait to speak with your attorney. 
  • Gather evidence. Evidence may come in the form of taking notes, jotting down eyewitness’ contact information, and taking photos. If they are able to do this, it could help with the personal injury claim. 

We understand that this is a difficult time when your child has been in a car accident. To see how our Chicago, Illinois teen car accident law firm can help, call us now.