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Patent Lawyers Chicago ILThe Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian, LLC is one of the foremost intellectual property law firms in Chicago IL. Whether you want to file for a patent or trademark, or protect your creation through litigation, we can help.

When you invent something new, the creation and your patent for it is likely to be one of your most valuable assets. Unfortunately, the lucrative element to these inventions can cause vulnerabilities, making your invention and patent prone to disputes, accusations, and the need for patent litigation. Whether you are enforcing your patent rights against another party or defending a claim of patent infringement made against you, our Chicago IL patent lawyers have the knowledge, experience, and dedication to guide you through the process and reach an outcome that you are seeking.

Patent Infringement

When you are granted a patent, there will be a set of claims which are the foundation of your patented creation. When another party makes, sells, imports, or uses your patented invention, there is likely to be an infringement. As soon as you find out that this is going on, you may have the right to sue the infringing party for monetary damages and an immediate cease and desist.

Types of Patent Infringement

In the US there are different types of patent infringement: direct and indirect. Direct focuses on activities relating to the:

  • Patented invention
  • Use of the patented process of the invention
  • Offering the patented process for use
  • Products obtained through the patent, but without the inventor’s permission

Indirect infringement occurs when a party indirectly infringes on your patented invention by:

  • Supplying a party with an important element of the patent.
  • Knowing they are using patented part or invention without authorized use.

Other types of patent infringement include, but are not limited to:

  • Induced infringement
  • Contributory infringement
  • Wilful infringement

One of our Chicago IL patent lawyers will review your circumstances to determine what type of infringement has occurred and, using this information, can build a defense on your behalf.

Most Common Infringement Defenses Used By Defending Parties

When a party is being accused of infringement, they will typically use defenses such as:

  • Your patent was not valid.
  • You were dishonest on an application.
  • You included misleading information within the patent.
  • Your patent was used for illegal activity.
  • Your patent violates other laws.
  • It does not meet the patent filing requirements.

Regardless of what another party might be saying, our patent lawyers will be ready to fight for your rights, your patent, and your monetary assets.

Patent Litigation

Patent litigation in Illinois is a legal process the ensues after a claim for infringement of a patent has been made. In general, a settlement through mediation will be the first option, but if these negotiations do not work, litigation will be the natural course of action.

Patent litigation cases are very complex and require a precise type of lawyer who understands patents, litigation, and other subject matters. Winning a case requires more than holding a valid patent. Often, especially when the patent infringement is considered to be a borderline case, the party with greater resources, determination, and skill, will win. For this reason, it is important you hire a leading patent lawyer from The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian, LLC.

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Patent litigation can be a long process. The patent lawyers Chicago IL clients recommend from The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian, LLC will work hard to make your case as easy as possible, with an emphasis on reaching the result you desire. To learn more about our patent litigation services, please contact our office today.