Non-surgical Injury Attorney Chicago, IL Non-surgical Injury Attorney Chicago, IL

A non-surgical injury attorney Chicago, IL families trust from The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian knows that when we get sick, we reasonably trust in our doctors that they are going to take care of us. They expect our condition to improve and not get worse as a result of treatment. However, there are so many cases in the United States and beyond where a doctor made a mistake, which led to their patient getting harmed or passing away because of it.

At our law firm, we are prepared and ready to take on your case in pursuit of justice if a doctor has been negligent or reckless. Please know that during this confusing and difficult time that there are legal professionals who can serve as a beacon of light amidst it all. 

If you suspect that your doctor has made an error when treating you or a loved one, then it’s time to consult with a member of our team. Call today for a free, no obligation consultation with a medical malpractice attorney Chicago IL families depend on about your options.

Examples of Non-Surgical Medical Malpractice

Patients can be victims of a doctor’s error in many ways. Here are just a few examples of non-surgical medical malpractice that happens to thousands and thousands of people each year across the nation: 

Emergency Room Mistakes

Anyone who has been in or walked by an emergency room can probably attest to how hectic and rushed it can appear. Even during crucial moments, medical professionals are expected to maintain a standard of care for those in need. Negligence caused by nurses, doctors, and other staff members can result in serious harm to a patient. When a mistake happens in an emergency room, victims may be entitled to significant monetary compensation for their injuries, pain and suffering, damages, and losses. 

Medical Device Defect

Medical devices are supposed to be used so they treat, prevent, or diagnose a disease. However, sometimes a defect or failure in the equipment can cause injury or fatality to a patient. In these cases, a third-party may be held liable, such as designers, manufacturers, and the companies that sell them. If you believe that a third party may be at least partially responsible for your injuries, it is imperative that you contact a member of our legal team today for guidance on what to do next. 

Incorrect or Delayed Diagnosis

Not correctly diagnosing a condition can have tragic impacts on a patient’s life and their family members. Injuries that stem from a misdiagonsis or delayed diagnosis can result in patients enduring substantial pain and suffering, long-term physical impairments, and life-changing disabilities. Conditions that are misdiagnosed the most often are ovarian cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, infections, brain tumors, ectopic pregnancies, appendicitis, vascular disease, and prostate cancer. 

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