June 22, 2017

Back Up Cameras

We have seen incredible safety technologies develop in the automobile industry over the last few years. One of the earliest, yet most widely adopted, features is the backup camera. These cameras are wide angle lenses which are placed on the rear of the car and feed to a video display on the dashboard. When the backup camera is active, drivers are able to see everything behind them in detail. ….

June 19, 2017

Illinois Trademark Attorney

If you are looking for an Illinois Trademark Attorney you are in the right place. We can help you file both Illinois and Federal Trademarks on a fixed fee basis. This page explains our Illinois Trademark Services; see our Federal Trademark Page for information on Federal Trademarks…..

June 9, 2017

3 Common Knee Injuries in Personal Injury Cases

If you’ve recently suffered a knee injury, you probably already know that the impact of such an injury can be very painful and frustrating. Knees are complex parts of the human body and each of these joints are responsible for bearing a great deal of weight. If you’ve been injured in an accident — whether it was a major car accident or a minor slip and fall accident — you could be facing a knee injury….

June 5, 2017

Check If Your Airbag Has Been Recalled

Takata, one of the world’s largest airbag manufacturers, is settling for $1 billion after pleading guilty to knowingly distributing faulty airbags. Millions of vehicles contain these dangerous airbags. Even the most minor fender bender can cause the airbag to misfire, ….

May 8, 2017

What is Intellectual Property?

When an inventor, author, business or creative professional produce an original work, they create something known in legal parlance as “intellectual property.” These properties can be copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade dress or service marks. The purpose of intellectual property….

April 25, 2017

Nationwide Takata Airbag Recall Still Ongoing

Takata, the maker of the defective airbags found in millions of vehicles, has now pleaded guilty to accusations that it deceived automakers about the safety of the airbags it made. Currently, automakers are disputing allegations that they knowingly installed those defective airbags in their vehicles,…..

March 27, 2017

What Is a Tort and Where Does It Come From

If you have watched many primetime legal dramas, midafternoon episodes of “Judge of the Hour” or have spent much time perusing major cable news networks, you have probably heard the term tort. While your first inclination may have been to think of that delicious pastry that graces the window display of your favorite bakery, a tort is actually a technical legal term……