July 28, 2021

The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian Ranked As One Of Chicago’s Best Patent Attorneys.

A national, leading, independent blog, Kev’s Best, recently ranked their top-rated Patent Attorneys in Chicago, Illinois. The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian made the list. The article listed the already well-respected patent attorneys in their top five stating Sherinian Law “provides their clients the best results.”

The publication follows a special set of guidelines to ensure every candidate is reviewed fairly. None of the businesses listed paid or is able to pay for these listings. The reviews are based on sixty different criteria measurements in nine categories, including business history, services, media, open hours, social media, website quality, awards & acknowledgement and feedback and reviews.

The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian provides their patent and personal injury attorneys in the Chicago area. The article states, “At their law office, they strive to treat their clients with honesty and fairness. In addition, it is always their goal to get their clients the results they deserve at reasonable rates.” Furthermore,”They welcome all individuals and companies of any size, giving their clients the fullest attention possible. For your patent needs, their experienced patent attorneys are always ready to serve you.”

One review in particular is noted. “Mr. Konrad Sherinian, Mr. Edward Bi, and the company exceeded my qualifications,” according to Brett P. “Mr. Sherinian, Mr. Bi, and the company were able to accomplish my objective with my budget. Mr. Sherinian was honest, righteous, and trustworthy of confidential information.” The review concluded with “Clients can trust Mr. Sherinian to deliver timely results that exceed the valued clients’ expectations.”

The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian have been distinguished in publications many times before and this recent top five ranking is another indication of the high quality of service they provide for inventors and entrepreneurs looking to patent and protect their intellectual property in the best manner possible.

Best Patent Attorneys in Chicago
Best Patent Attorneys in Chicago
July 8, 2021

Sherinian Law Scholarship – Fall 2021

Laws in the future may reflect a perspective from a generation which lived through and adapted to an amazing amount of change. Some of these college students will have been granted some assistance by The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian.

Skyler Kisellus is from Morris, Illinois and is currently a student at the College of the Ozarks. He will be transferring to Northern Illinois University in the fall and is the 2021 fall semester’s recipient of the Sherinian Law Scholarship.

Kisellus received the financial scholarship to help pay for his post-secondary education. Applicants were asked to submit their transcripts, a commitment to a post-secondary school, as well as an essay relating to the law in whichever way they chose to write about.

Founding attorney Konrad Sherinian graduated summa cum laude at The John Marshall Law School in Chicago, IL, after graduating Graduated cum laude at Case Western Reserve University. He started the scholarship program years ago as a way to give back. 

“It’s always a pleasure to help future leaders like Skyler get a good start, especially at a great school like NIU,” said Sherinian.   

Kisellus’ future looks bright and he states, ‘I look forward to attending college at NIU in a few short months.’

June 30, 2021

What qualifies as medical malpractice?

Medical Malpractice Lawyer

What Is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice occurs when a patient is harmed by a healthcare provider who doesn’t provide proper care. As a medical malpractice lawyer in Kansas City, MO from a firm like Royce Injury Attorneys LLC can explain, to prove medical malpractice, you must establish:

    • That you and the medical provider had a patient/caregiver relationship. You can do this by showing bills as evidence that you paid for care or documentation of your appointment history with the provider.

    • That the medical professional’s action or lack thereof caused or contributed to your injuries or illness.

Every state has its laws specific to medical malpractice cases. If you feel that you or someone you love has been the victim of medical negligence or malpractice, you should seek the services of a competent professional who understands the rules in your jurisdiction.

What Are Some Common Medical Errors?

Medical mistakes that may lead to a medical malpractice lawsuit take many forms. To determine malpractice, the law compares the care you received with the generally accepted standard of care. The standard of care for a given condition is the treatment that a competent medical professional would render given the same resources, information, and circumstances. While the details of every case are different, here are some of the common failures that result in patient harm:

    • Misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose: These errors involve a healthcare provider’s failure to identify a medical condition that results in a lack of appropriate treatment for the patient. For example, if a provider fails to identify a mole as suspicious for skin cancer and the cancer advances unchecked, this may be a case of medical malpractice.

    • Failure to warn of risks: Your medical care providers must explain all known risks for the treatments they recommend for you. If the provider performs a treatment without giving the patient all the information needed to make an informed decision, that may constitute medical malpractice.

    • Incorrect treatment: If your medical provider treats your condition in an unreasonable way or outside the standard of care, you may have grounds for a medical malpractice suit. The same is true if your provider identifies the correct care plan but then doesn’t provide the services correctly.

Where Can I Learn More?

If you feel you may have a medical malpractice case, you should contact an attorney in your area who has experience in handling these cases. They can be complex and require many expert witnesses, so you want someone with a proven track record in this arena that has the demonstrated ability to protect your rights.

April 28, 2021

What is Arbitration and Why You Should Always Opt-Out of an Arbitration Clause

Consumer Protection Attorney

Arbitration is a procedure in which two parties agree to submit a dispute to an arbitrator who makes a binding decision on the dispute. In choosing arbitration, the parties opt for a private dispute resolution procedure instead of going to court. You, as the consumer, are waiving your Constitutional right to appear in a court of law and to have your dispute heard by a jury. Arbitration is not in the best interest of individuals. It is a method of dispute resolution primarily designed to be used by corporations against other corporations to allow the parties to keep the dispute private. 

Let me repeat that, agreeing to arbitration is NOT in your best interest. Large corporations such as mobile phone and credit card companies, TV service providers, car dealerships, hotels, banks, and some service providers will try to sneak binding arbitration agreements into their multi-page contracts.

If you sign a contract with a binding arbitration agreement included, you are forgoing your Constitutional right to a trial by jury. In some instances, the corporation will be able to select where the arbitration is held, and the corporation has a voice in who to hire as the arbitrator. This is not a situation you want to find yourself in. In almost all cases, arbitration is much more expensive than fees paid to a court. Do you think this arbitrator will find in your favor when they are being paid by the other side? The realistic answer is probably not.

Before signing a contract of any kind, read the entire agreement. It’s long, it’s tedious, but it’s a necessary evil. If you find an arbitration clause in said contract, ask the company if you can opt-out of that portion of the contract. In some cases, they will agree, and you will keep your Constitutional rights.

If you have an issue arise with a contract you have signed that includes an arbitration clause, you may need to contact a consumer protection attorney.

April 28, 2021

Dog Bites: Two Rules, One Accident

dog bites lawyerWe love our furry four-legged friends and they love us back, but sometimes they don’t love other people. And often, it’s only natural. Dogs feel a lot of the same things that we do like trauma, sadness, and fear. If a dog has gone through a traumatic experience like having been hurt by the hands of another human, some dogs will retain many of those same feelings and they will develop instinctual reactions towards certain people or unique circumstances.

Usually, this results in dog bites, that when a dog feels threatened, it will instinctively react by biting the person it perceives as a threat whether or not it was their actual intention to threaten it. It’s usually an innocent reaction that most owners would prefer people treat with compassion, but for the person who was bitten by the dog, compassion is the last thing they want to give. Dog bites like any kind of major laceration is an unwelcome, invasive disfigurement of the body that can also get infected if not treated. Like any other personal injury, the injured deserve compensation for their damages.

One Bite: The One Bite rule is an arguably archaic rule that while it has been mildly updated over time it still has the look of something that needs to be heavily adjusted or done away with altogether. That’s because the One Bite rule has the interesting distinction of allowing a dog to commit one bite before the owner faces liability for damages. While only a few states still make judgments examining this rule, nowadays, the focus is on whether or not the owner knew the dog would bite people. Things like its breed or its history would be taken into examination. If the dog has a history of being aggressive, this would be taken into account as well.

Strict Liability: Strict liability in any facet of personal injury refers to the notion that a defendant is liable for an injury regardless of whether he or she could have done anything to prevent the accident. With this rule, what the owner didn’t know about the dog and its history is of no value to the case, say for instance, if it had a history of being abused resulting in it being hostile on occasion. As mentioned before, owners would want the injured to look upon this with compassion, but this can’t be done. If the injured individual wasn’t trespassing or did not provoke the dog, then the owner is still liable regardless of what could’ve been done.

A dog bites lawyer such as Eric Roy Law Firm, can help you recover damages and compensation for your injuries and suffering. 

April 9, 2021

Nursing home lawyer

What Care Do Nursing Homes Offer? 

Nursing Homes

Nursing home lawyer Nursing homes provide a number of different services for their residents. They have around-the-clock staff who provide care for residents and give them the extra help that they need to carry out daily activities. Most nursing homes provide excellent care and services, but as in any industry, there are always some who aren’t up to the standard or some who begin to lack in their standard of care over time. 

Typical Services Offered 

It is always best to check with your nursing home or prospective nursing home about the types of nurses that they hire and the specific levels of care that they administer. Some nursing homes have staff who can monitor residents’ health levels and take blood and even administer IVs. Other nursing homes are more basic and offer a place where staff can check in on them periodically helping them to take medicines, to dress, and also provide meals for the resident. Each nursing home is different, which is why it is important to check with the nursing home to see what types of care they guarantee to their residents. 

Neglect and Abuse

The unfortunate reality at some nursing homes is that neglect and abuse do happen. This is not always on purpose by the staff but can happen out of an accident or for other reasons. When staffing levels are lower than standard, then some residents may not be receiving the adequate care they need. This care may mean that they are not being given enough water, exercise opportunities, meals, or missing some of the time slots when they are supposed to take their medicine. If this is something you believe is happening to you or your loved one, then it may be time to take legal action to prevent it from happening again or to anyone else.

Legal Representation

Nursing homes sometimes do not follow through on the promises that they made to you or your loved one. When this occurs, then there may be a strong basis for a legal case against them as the care they are supposed to provide sometimes can be the difference between life and death. Certain medicines that the staff are supposed to provide may not be provided and other crucial care like exercise for residents who need extra help may be neglected. A nursing home lawyer can help.

Contact an experienced nursing home lawyer such as Davis & Brusca if you or your loved one are experiencing neglect, abuse, or any other concerns. 

December 18, 2020

What Is an Arraignment?

When you are charged with a criminal offense you may be asked to appear in court. Usually the first appearance is called an “arraignment.” While many people have been charged with criminal offenses, they may not understand what an arraignment is. Appearing in court can be new for many people, and for that reason it could be very confusing and intimidating. This is why it is always advised to contact a criminal defense attorney to get a better understanding of what is going on with your case and what your legal options are.

 Going to Court

In some cases you may be given a ticket or a citation. That citation will tell you what you are being charged with and when your court date is. In many cases the court date is not the next weekend. Often it is around a month away. Either way, this is called the arraignment. It is the prosecution’s job to prove your guilt so you do not have to admit any guilt. The best thing to do is tell the judge you are not guilty. This will buy you time to stop around for an attorney, get another court date, and discuss your legal options to build a defense.

Every Case Is Different

Every criminal case is different and every stipulation depends on the extent of the criminal offense. Although you may say you are not guilty, the judge may give you stipulations until the next court date. Depending on the charges, you may be forced to stay in jail or in custody at home. If it is a domestic violence incident, a judge may say you are not to be in contact with the other party. Every case is different and therefore every outcome can be different as well.

Speak to a Lawyer

This is why it is best to speak with an attorney, like a criminal defense attorney from Andrew R. Lynch, P.C., as soon as possible. While your arraignment may be scheduled over 30 days away from the incident date, do not wait until the last minute. While you wait for your court date, you may already begin the process of working on your defense or even submitting a plea. If you or someone you know is currently facing criminal charges, speak with a lawyer in your area to get advice on what to do next.

December 12, 2020

4 Common Questions About Wrongful Death

When you’re in a situation in which your loved one died as a result of another’s actions, you may be beside yourself. What do you do? Where do you turn? Who can you trust? It’s not a situation you would have ever imagined yourself in, but there is something you can do about it, even if you can’t get your loved one back. 

A wrongful death lawsuit is something you can file to seek compensation from the individual or entity who caused the death. The following are some questions you may want to be answered if you’re considering a wrongful death claim. 

  1. What Is a Wrongful Death Claim?

A wrongful death claim is what the plaintiff (you) files against the defendant (the person who caused the death). The file will contain the reason for the claim, the evidence to back it up, and the damages you seek. A wrongful death claim could arise out of a fatal car accident, product liability, medical malpractice, or domestic abuse.

  1. Who Can File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

After someone wrongfully dies, there is an order of people who can file the wrongful death lawsuit. In some states, a personal representative is the only individual able to file the lawsuit, and the settlement money would go straight into the estate. In other states, immediate family members can file the lawsuit, including a spouse or children. Parents and siblings might also be able to file the lawsuit, depending on the relationship status of the deceased. Talking with a wrongful death lawyer will help you understand the laws in your state.

  1. What Damages Can Be Sought?

Every wrongful death situation is different and will allow for different damages to be sought. If your loved one was receiving medical care between the injury that caused the death and the time of the actual death, you may be able to seek medical expenses. If you depended on the deceased’s income to care for your family, you could seek lost wages. Funeral and burial expenses, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and a variety of other emotional damages could also be sought.

  1. Who Can Be Sued for Wrongful Death?

Any person or entity who causes someone’s death can typically be sued for wrongful death. There are not many who are exempt. People and entities to be sued include drivers in a car accident, product manufacturers, property owners, truck owners, government agencies, and a wide range of others.

Getting Your Lawyer’s Assistance

To get the help you need when dealing with a wrongful death, you may want to speak with a legal professional, like a wrongful death lawyer from a law firm like Johnston Martineau, LLP. Contacting a wrongful death lawyer today for assistance will help you understand and guide you through the process of making a wrongful death claim.

November 28, 2020

Some Reasons You May or May Not Want a Prenuptial Agreement

Personal Injury Lawyer

Getting married is often one of the best events of your life, and you don’t want to think about what would happen if it didn’t work out. Most people get married, intending it to last until “death do you part,” so a prenuptial agreement may not be something they’d consider. While they’ve been around for many thousands of years, not every couple gets a prenuptial agreement. Should you?

Prenuptial Agreement Benefits

You don’t want your marriage to end up in divorce, but you should also prepare for the worst case scenario when you get married. Some benefits of a prenuptial agreement include:

  • Forcing the couple to examine certain financial matters before they enter into the marriage.
  • Allowing family ties to be preserved and inheritances to stay intact.
  • Protecting children from a previous marriage or relationship.
  • Putting all expectations on the table before sealing the deal with a legal marriage.
  • Learning more about your spouse’s desires and expectations for the marriage, as well as how he or she would handle separation or divorce.
  • Allowing the couple to avoid battles and arguments over commonly fought over issues during other divorce proceedings.
  • Protecting personal assets accumulated before the marriage.
  • Determining which assets each spouse would leave to children or each other if one of them dies.

Prenuptial Agreement Pitfalls

Not every couple signs a prenuptial agreement, whether that’s due to religious beliefs or personal convictions. Some pitfalls might include:

  • The appearance of planning your divorce before you even plan your wedding.
  • A lack of commitment due to the benefits one might achieve through divorce.
  • An unromantic and uncomfortable evening of sitting down and discussing divorce when a couple is often in the midst of the most romantic period of their lives together.
  • The possibility the prenuptial agreement would be set aside due to fraud, unfairness, duress or other issues.
  • The cause of contention and resentment that lasts throughout the marriage.
  • Always having the terms and conditions in the back of your mind, even when the marriage is seemingly happy.

Hiring a Family Lawyer To Help

If you’re engaged to be married, this might be a wonderful time for you. Whether you or your future spouse want a prenuptial agreement, you have to both agree on whether it’s right or wrong for you as a couple. When you’re ready to get started, or if you want to learn more, contact a local divorce lawyer to help you make those important decisions.

November 2, 2020

How Long Will It Take to Get a Divorce?

Personal Injury Lawyer

Getting divorced is a complex process that takes time. How long it takes in your case depends on many factors. In some cases, you may get through the process in as little as 3 months, but it can take 10 to 11 months in others. Some divorce cases have taken five or more years to resolve, but those cases are rare. Some of the factors that determine how long your divorce takes to resolve are out of your control. You just have to wait for the courts to get your paperwork through the process. Here are some things to consider.

An Uncontested Divorce

If you and your spouse agree on most things about your divorce, you may be able to file the paperwork and get your divorce finalized pretty quick. This depends on waiting periods in your state and how long it takes to bring your case before the judge. Some states have waiting periods that mandate you have to wait six months or some other time frame before your divorce can be signed off. If the courts are backlogged, it may take longer.

Mediation and a Divorce

If you and your spouse can work through your issues with a neutral third party to resolve some of the stickier issues, you may have a better time line than waiting for the court to decide the issues. When both parties want to resolve their problems, mediation can help you find solutions you might not consider on your own. The mediator drafts the resolution and may even file the paperwork. Then, you’re just waiting on the court.

Contentious Divorces

Divorces in which the parties can’t agree will take the longest. In some cases, you may ask that an arbitrator hear your case to deal with specific issues. In most cases, an arbitrator is a retired judge or family law attorney who can hear your sides then make a decision as part of your divorce. Alternatively, you could let your attorney negotiate with your spouse’s attorney to resolve the various issues. If the divorce is so contentious, you can always let the judge make a ruling. These types of divorces tend to take the longest to resolve because you may be waiting for an appointment with an arbitrator or the court.

Ask a family law attorney, like The Mckinney Law Group about the divorce timeline in your state to find a solution for your situation. The timeline for your divorce mainly depends on how well you and your spouse can resolve the issues in your divorce.