Intellectual Property (IP) Litigation

Sherinian Law excels at delivering results in high-stakes intellectual property litigation, including patent, copyright, trademark, false advertising, and trade secret matters.  Our clients range from innovative individuals through large, well-established technology and service companies.  We invest the time and resources to understand our client’s intellectual property and individual circumstances.  We then tailor a strategy for each client to maximize favorable results, taking into account a holistic view of the client’s position.  Our approach results in better results and lower costs for our clients.

Our attorneys have extensive knowledge of intellectual property legal issues, as well as significant experience representing individuals and companies in many different venues throughout the country.  For example, in addition to extensive experience in the Northern and Central Districts of Illinois, our attorneys have experience in the Northern, Central, and Southern Districts of California, the Eastern District of Texas, and the Western District of Wisconsin.  Our attorneys also have extensive experience litigating intellectual property issues in Circuit Courts throughout Illinois.

Notable Successes

  • Obtained millions of dollars in recoveries for various patent clients.
  • Defeated a petition for inter partes review against our client’s patent on all grounds.
  • After a competitor served a inapplicable DMCA takedown notice to Amazon, Sherinian Law filed suit on its clients behalf, and forced the competitor to rescind the takedown notice and pay a substantial part of our client’s legal fees.
  • Recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for a karaoke content company whose content is frequently counterfeited by unlicensed karaoke hosts.
  • After our client hired a sales person from a competitor, obtained an advantageous settlement on our client’s behalf after largely eviscerating the competitor’s trade secret allegations.
  • After our client’s photograph of a football player was virally copied by numerous Internet cites, Sherinian Law recovered tens of thousands of dollars from unlicensed site operators.

Key Facts

  • Small firm that delivers seamless integration of intellectual property prosecution, counseling and litigation.
  • All attorneys have technical backgrounds, and are admitted to practice before the United States Patent & Trademark Office.

If you have a question regarding intellectual property litigation, please feel free to reach out to us via telephone or email. You may also fill out our online inquiry form and we will strive to get back to you within 24 hours.