Hospital Accident Attorney Chicago IL

Hospital Accident Attorney Chicago ILWhen you go to a hospital, you expect to come out feeling better. Unfortunately, that does not always happen. If doctors and other hospital staff are negligent, they could injure their patients. If you suffered injuries while at a hospital, you may be entitled to compensation. It is important to speak to a hospital accident attorney in Chicago IL at the Laws Offices of Konrad Sherinian about your case soon.

Here are some of the most common medical errors that occur in hospitals.

Unnecessary Tests 

Tests help doctors determine what kind of condition a patient has. However, if the test is completely unnecessary, it can do more harm than good. For example, CT scans can increase your risk of cancer and should only be used when completely necessary. A doctor should evaluate your symptoms and medical history and warn you of the risks before performing a test.

Medication Mistakes

Medications can treat a wide range of diseases and conditions. However, a hospital accident attorney in Chicago IL can confirm that administering the wrong medication or wrong dosage can have dangerous side effects. It’s also harmful when a doctor fails to warn a patient about the side effects of a medication. Some medications can have harmful side effects on patients, especially if they are taking several medications at the same time.


As a hospital accident attorney in Chicago IL can attest, patients are at risk of infection when they stay at a hospital. Some patients are at greater risk of acquiring infections in hospitals, including elderly people, babies and people with compromised immune systems. However, if doctors take proper precautions, most of these precautions can be prevented. Doctors, for example, should thoroughly wash their hands, sterilize all surgical tools and wear gloves.


Some health conditions have similar symptoms to other conditions, so misdiagnoses can happen. If you get diagnosed with the wrong condition, it could result in a delay in treatment. If you have a condition like cancer, this could have deadly consequences. 

Being Sent Too Quickly

A medical malpractice attorney Chicago IL residents trust has represented many patients who have been released from the hospital too early. If hospitals release patients before they’re actually ready, there could be serious complications. 

Missed Warning Signs

When staying at a hospital, patients can unfortunately sometimes get worse. Before they get worse, they usually display several warning signs beforehand, such as change in heart rate or blood pressure. As a hospital accident attorney in Chicago IL can confirm, it’s the doctor’s responsibility to keep an eye out for these signs and act immediately. If the doctor fails to do this, irreversible damage can occur.

If you suffered injuries while staying at a hospital, you should schedule a free consultation with a hospital accident attorney as soon as possible.