Hit and Run Accident Lawyer

Hit and Run Lawyer Accident Lawyer

A hit and run accident lawyer in Chicago, Illinois can explain to clients that after an auto accident, drivers are responsible for exchanging contact and insurance information. However, not every driver does this and instead flees from an accident scene, especially if they were at fault. Hit and run accidents are something no victim wants to experience, because it leaves them with missing information and no way of identifying the individual involved. It adds a layer of complications to the situation. If you have been injured due to a hit and run accident, a lawyer such as one from The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian will aggressively fight and pursue litigation against the liable party so you can get a fair settlement. 

Hit and Run Accident Lawyer

A hit and run refers to when a driver strikes another vehicle or person and flees the accident scene. According to the AAA Foundation, over 680,000 hit and run accidents occured each year in the last decade. One reason a hit and run might occur is because a driver panics and drives away after an accident. They fear the consequences that can happen to them due to their role in the accident. However, what most drivers don’t realize is that it’s better to stay in an accident scene, and attempt to provide help to a victim if possible. Sometimes, a driver may commit a hit and run without knowing it, such as if they strike a person and assume they hit an object. A car accident lawyer in the Chicago, IL community can explain each step of the process so you have a thorough understanding of what to expect for your case. 

We understand that experiencing a hit and run can be painful and frustrating. Not only were you involved in an accident, but the other driver is not available to speak to for crucial details. You are left having to hope the person at fault can be tracked down so investigators and insurance adjusters can be provided with the essential information they need to move forward with your case. You should not have to be put in this position, and a skilled lawyer will aggressively fight for you so that you can receive fair compensation for any injuries and damages you sustained. 

Hit and Run Accident Tips

After a hit and run collision, there are some key things you should follow: 

  • Inform law enforcement. You must report to an officer that the accident occurred. 
  • Do not attempt to go after the driver. It’s strongly advised that you do not follow the driver who hit you as this is dangerous and could escalate the situation. 
  • Receive medical treatment. A medical evaluation is critical evidence in a car accident case.  
  • Take detailed photos. Take photos of the vehicle and pavement, as well as debris, skid marks, and destroyed objects. 
  • Gather witness statements. If there are any witnesses around, obtain their contact info and written account of what happened. 

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