Do I Have Legal Options if I Was Injured by a Scooter?

Do I Have Legal Options if I Was Injured by a Scooter?After a serious accident involving an e-scooter, it’s time to contact a scooter injury lawyer Chicago, IL residents trust. These dockless, rentable scooters were supposed to solve some of the city’s transportation problems by allowing easy access to small personal vehicles. For some, they have been a great help. But to many others – riders and bystanders alike – they have become a serious injury risk.

There are at least two common scenarios in which e-scooters pose a threat. First, riders themselves face risks due to vehicles that malfunction or are designed poorly. Second, pedestrians, bicyclists and others face risks because e-scooter riders sometimes use the vehicles recklessly and without proper experience or training.

Liability Related to Manufacturing and Performance Problems

There have been innumerable stories from around the nation about e-scooters malfunctioning and causing serious injury to those riding them. In some cases, the brakes can engage on their own, throwing the rider off the vehicle and perhaps into traffic. In other cases, the brakes don’t work when they are needed. Some riders have reported acceleration issues that cause the scooter to speed up unexpectedly, causing the rider to lose control.

When there are defects with the way the product performs, the company owning and renting out the scooters can be held liable for any injuries sustained. A personal injury lawyer Chicago, IL, trusts can help you file a product liability lawsuit against the negligent company.

Liability Related to Negligent Use of an E-Scooter

Even when scooters are in perfect working condition, they still pose a threat to road and sidewalk users because some riders treat them like toys and use them in irresponsible ways. These include:

  •       Riding on sidewalks and zipping through pedestrian traffic
  •       Riding too fast for conditions in the area (many scooters can travel up to 15 miles per hour, which is much too fast in heavy foot traffic)
  •       Failing to pay attention to surroundings, including the wellbeing of other travelers
  •       Cutting off bicyclists and cars, resulting in emergency stops and increasing the likelihood of a rear-end collision
  •       Leaving the scooters carelessly tipped over on sidewalks when finished, creating a tripping hazard for others and blocking the paths of people in wheelchairs or people pushing strollers

If you’ve been seriously injured by the actions of a negligent rider, our Illinois personal injury attorneys can help you seek compensation from the at-fault individual. We may also be able to name the scooter rental company as a defendant if there were other factors that contributed to the accident or your injuries. It is important to fully explore all avenues of compensation and liability with the help of an experienced attorney.

Learn More About Your Legal Options After a Scooter Accident

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