At The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian, our Chicago personal injury attorneys understand that when you are injured after an accident, you need legal help you can rely on. As with most personal injury cases, you have likely heard from a few insurance agents, including the insurance agent of the party who injured you. When this is the case, know that there are right things to say and wrong things to say and this can make or break your case. Below, we give you a few tips on what you can expect when you have a conversation with an insurance agent and what kinds of things you should say. Remember, it is always advisable to speak with your personal injury lawyer Chicago, IL recommends before talking with the other party’s insurance. 

  • Keep your attitude in check. We completely understand that you may be justifiably upset or even angry after an accident has occurred. Especially when the evidence points to someone else causing your injuries, you probably want to assign blame. Remember that the best thing you can do when speaking with insurance is to be as calm as possible. When you speak with the at-fault party’s insurance, yelling and pointing fingers will not help you get compensation. 
  • Avoid personal details. The insurance adjuster will likely be asking you questions about yourself, but you only need to supply them with a limited amount of information. Provide your name, phone number, address, and nothing else. 
  • Don’t begin discussing details of the accident. We know that especially when you are not to blame for the accident, you are likely tempted to go into detail to prove that it was not your fault. However, insurance adjusters can use almost any information you provide them to work in their favor so you get little to no settlement money. 
  • Be careful talking about your injuries. Don’t provide details about your injuries. Especially when you are unsure of how bad your injuries are, you may not be seeing the full extent of them until a few days later. Telling the adjuster that your injuries are not serious or do not hurt much will not work in your favor. 

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