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If you have been injured by a drone and you would like to seek justice in the form of monetary compensation, you should call a Chicago drone injury attorney.

Drones are a popular remote-controlled machine that can be flown. Although commonly used as a toy, they are also used by companies and organizations for serious purposes. In recent years their popularity has increased in Chicago and so too has related injuries and reports of invasion of privacy. Because there are very few laws or regulations for drone injuries or privacy infringements, if you are the victim of either of these circumstances, you should consult a Chicago drone injury attorney for help and guidance.

Recovering Monetary Damages After a Drone Accident

Drones are most commonly used to record footage at events, and as a drone injury lawyer in Chicago, Illinois we have known of cases that involve drone crashes that cause injuries and damage. The owner of the drone has a duty to ensure it is safe to operate, and furthermore, that they understand how to operate the device. If it causes injury, you may be able to recover damages for:

  • Medical treatment
  • Future medical care
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish
  • + More 

Whether or not you have a case for a drone injury will depend on the circumstances and facts about the device itself. If you believe there is any chance of filing a claim due to negligence, you should retain a Chicago drone injury attorney to defend your rights. Without an attorney on your side, and with limited knowledge of the legal system, there is a high chance that you will not recover maximum damages – if any at all.

A Potential Threat to Your Privacy

Drones are known to pose a threat to the personal privacy of Chicago residents. There have been several reports of drones being used to spy on people. Because they can be operated by anyone who knows how to use it, a drone can easily obtain and record camera footage of people engaging in any sort of activity. To reduce this threat, there have been individuals and businesses to post “No Fly” signs on their properties. However, this does not always stop a drone operator. If you have had your privacy invaded by a drone, you do have the right to speak with a drone attorney who can advise you of what to do next.

Intoxicated or Inattentive Drone Operators

Drones are regularly used in populated areas, and sometimes operated by a person who is intoxicated or not paying attention. Because of their sophistication, a drone must be closely monitored at all times; otherwise, they could crash. Their weight varies from 10 to 110 lbs, which means if they do crash into a person, it could cause them severe harm.

Defective Drones

Sometimes it is not the operator of the drone, but the device itself that causes harm. If a drone has been poorly designed or constructed, and you were injured, a Chicago drone injury attorney may be able to pursue compensation from the manufacturer.

While drones were originally more of an interest for the military, the fact that they can be built cheaply and used easily has made them an exciting product for consumers all over America. Drones can be a great way for people to take pictures or videotape images from higher points of view, and while they can be extremely useful they can also cause a great deal of damage. Drone injuries are not uncommon, and when someone is hurt by a drone their injuries can become severe. Especially if the person operating the drone does not have much training, they can bring harm to themselves or others in the area. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian understand that drone injuries can be debilitating, and we want to ensure you get the representation you need when you have been injured. Do not hesitate to contact our office now.

What kind of training do you need to operate a drone?

Unfortunately, you do not need any kind of license, training, or certification to fly a drone. Because of this, anyone who operates a drone can be at risk for causing themselves or other serious injuries. Because drones can fly high and fast (many can fly up to 140 MPH), the injuries they cause can leave victims in the hospital.

Who is liable for drone injuries?

If you have been injured by a drone, our Chicago, IL drone injury attorney knows that you may be wondering who is liable for your injuries. Like other personal injury accidents, we can pursue the option of negligence. The person operating the drone may have acted in a way that was negligent, i.e., not paying attention to where they were flying the drone or perhaps even flying the drone in a dangerous way on purpose. When this is the case, you should take notes of the accident scene and what happened in the moments leading up to the accident.

What should you do after you were injured in a drone accident?

Depending on how severe your injuries are, there are a few things you should do immediately following a drone accident.

  1. Document the Accident Scene. If you can, take notes and photographs of the accident. Make sure you write down what happened in the moments leading up to your injuries. Was the drone operator talking in a threatening way? Were they operating the drone in a way that was careless to other people around them?
  2. Take Pictures of Your Injuries. Make sure you take pictures of the injuries you sustained and track them as they heal or get worse.
  3. Seek Medical Help. Always seek medical help after you have been injured in any way. Your doctor can document your injuries, discuss the best treatment options, and provide medical proof for how you got your injuries.

Because the injuries you receive from a drone accident can be severe, you may also experience emotional trauma in addition to any physical injuries.

Know Your Rights, Call an Attorney

If you were injured by any type of drone, and suffered losses, please call a Chicago drone injury attorney now.