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Recovering Damages After a Multi-Car Accident


Accidents involving more than one vehicle can be especially chaotic, as our car accident lawyer for Chicago, IL understands all too well. The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian has helped thousands of Illinois residents who were hurt in accidents after someone else made a mistake or acted negligently. When involved in a multi-car accident, it’s even more important to seek legal representation. This is because the at-fault party’s insurance company will likely point fingers at you or another driver as being responsible for your injuries. They are notorious for not paying out claims and when multiple parties are involved in a car accident, it’s that much easier for them to avoid agreeing to a settlement. Our car accident lawyer serving Chicago, IL has been very successful in forcing insurance companies to pay for our clients’ injury costs and related damages.


Multiple Party Claims

Multi-car accidents are not unusual, particularly in larger cities during rush hour. A snowy or icy road at rush hour can result in dozens of vehicles colliding in a domino-like accident. A Chicago, IL car accident lawyer might suggest that what makes multi-vehicle accidents especially difficult when it comes to getting fair compensation for damages is the ability to prove who was at fault. The resulting chaos of a multi-car accident can make it challenging to get proof while at the scene that provides actionable information.


  •         Your vehicle’s skid marks may be covered over by the vehicle that crashed into the back of your car.
  •         The accident scene may have been too unsafe to take photos of the cars involved and of the scene itself. The local law enforcement officers who responded to the accident scene may have been more focused on helping the victims than on investigating the scene before evidence was removed or destroyed.
  •         The drivers involved may have been so traumatized or injured during the accident that they do not have clear recollection of the events and what led up to them. Their value as eyewitnesses may be severely diminished. Likewise for witnesses who were not in any of the vehicles.
  •         All of the participants’ insurance companies will have teams of lawyers whose main goal is to limit their payouts in order to minimize their losses. Without your own Chicago, IL car accident lawyer by your side, it may difficult if not impossible to get the settlement you deserve for your damages.


Recover Your Damages

When a vehicle is hit by multiple cars, or if it is involved in a chain reaction of collisions, the car as well as its occupants are subject to suffering significant damages. You may be facing a long recovery and expensive medical treatment. The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian can help you get the settlement you need and deserve. A car accident lawyer for Chicago, IL may be able to expedite the claim in order that you are paid sooner rather than later. We can also make sure that if your claim is denied, it will be followed up with any necessary documentation as needed. If the insurance company refuses to act in good faith, we can pursue litigation against them in order to protect your best interests.


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