Bike Accident Lawyer Naperville, ILSeeking comprehensive legal representation following the death of a family member in a bike accident with a bike accident lawyer in Naperville, Illinois is crucial.

Riding a bicycle as a means of transportation and for recreation is common in Naperville, IL; however, it does not change the fact that many drivers do not understand how to share the road with the cyclist. As a result, bike accidents are a frequent occurrence on major streets, small lanes, and back roads. Often the injuries are debilitating, life-altering, or fatal.

When you are riding a bike, you are in a uniquely dangerous position. You can ride on the road with other bicyclists and motor vehicles, but you are not protected in the same way that a person in an automobile is. When a bicyclist rides through an intersection, they are at the highest risk for getting hurt by an oncoming car. When this happens, the bicyclist could sustain severe or life-threatening injuries. How do cars and bicyclists get into these types of accidents? What are the best ways to avoid them? A Naperville, Illinois bike accident lawyer knows that even the safest and most well-intentioned bike riders can still get into accidents with a car. Below, we have more information on how these accidents commonly occur and the best ways to avoid them. If you have been in a bicycle accident, please call a member of our team now.

Why are intersections particularly dangerous?

While it is possible for a car to hit a bicyclist at any point on the road, an intersection proves particularly dangerous because of the sheer amount of activity with drivers. Further, many car drivers are anxious to get through a stop as quickly as possible, and they may not be paying attention to or looking for a bicyclist. Instead, they may roll through a stop sign or run a red light to get to their destination faster.

How can I avoid a car hitting me?

It is not always possible to avoid an accident from happening, especially when the driver of the car was acting in a way that was negligent. However, there are certain things that bicyclists can do to try to prevent accidents with cars.

  1. Always watch where you’re going. Both cars and bicyclists have this same responsibility.
  2. Take safety precautions. One of the best ways you can avoid an accident is to be seen. If you outfit your bicycle with reflective lights, lamps, or wear brightly colored clothing, you increase your chances of a car seeing you, especially when it gets dark outside.
  3. Take a class. Once you learn to ride your bike, it may seem silly to take a safety class. That said, there are many safety classes dedicated to riding defensively and learning to avoid collisions. One of these classes could save your life.

How do we determine who was at fault for the accident?

Like any other motorist on the road, the bicyclist must follow the rules of the road. This means they cannot drive in a negligent manner. If the bicyclist biked through a stop sign and was hit by a car who had the right of way, the accident was not the fault of the person driving the car. However, if the bicyclist was stopped at a red light, waiting until it turned green, then proceeded into the intersection and was struck by a car who was texting and driving, the driver of the car would be found at fault.

Losing a Loved One to a Bike Accident

Losing a loved one is not easy. But to have lost someone because of the negligent actions of another person can feel unacceptable. It might overwhelm you with emotions leaving you to feel alone and empty. Finding the truth of the situation is something you may want, and furthermore, that you have the right to know.

If you lost a loved one in a bike accident, the bike accident lawyers in Naperville, IL from The Law Office of Konrad Sherinian can help you to understand your rights and options. We can find out what happened and identify the responsible party so that compensation can be recovered. Call us now for a complimentary consultation.

U.S. Bike Accident Statistics*

  • In 2006, 772 people died in a bike accident
  • In 2015, 818 people died while riding a bike
  • The change between 2006 and 2015 was a 6% increase in fatalities
  • In 2015, 45,000 people were injured in a cycling collision
  • The total average cost of cycling injuries and deaths is $4+ billion per year

Understanding Wrongful Death Bicycle Claims

When a person died while riding a bicycle and negligence was on the part of a driver in another car or some other factor out of the cyclist control was involved, it may be considered a “wrongful death.” Without negligence, it is not. The child, spouse, parent, or recognized heir of the deceased may have the right to file a wrongful death claim with a Naperville, Illinois bike accident lawyer. This claim can help the bereaved to recover compensation for:

  • Any medical costs incurred prior to the death of the cyclist
  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Loss of income and future income
  • Loss of other expenses
  • Loss of consortium
  • Emotional anguish
  • + More

Filing a Wrongful Death Bike Accident Claim

When you choose to file a wrongful death claim with a Naperville, IL bike accident lawyer, you must adhere to a statute of limitation. This is the time in which you have to begin the claims process. If any government entity was involved (for example, when the government failed to maintain a bike lane), the statute will be different. You must also meet other specifications to file a claim against the government. Every state has set its own statute of limitations. In general, it varies between 2 and 3 years, or 30 and 180 days for government entities.

If you miss the deadline, or make an error when trying to file a claim without a bike accident lawyer, your case could be dismissed. You should not forego your chance at recovering monetary compensation after losing a loved one in a bike accident. Call a bike accident lawyer to find out what the statute is for your own case.

Talk with a Bike Accident Lawyer About Your Wrongful Death Claim

At The Law Office of Konrad Sherinian, we have the experience, commitment, knowledge, and skill needed to help you get justice. Although we are unable to turn back the clock, we can assist in getting you to compensation that can help you to move forward. If you are ready to consult a bike accident lawyer in Naperville, IL about your situation, please call us today.


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