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Best Medical Malpractice Law Firm Chicago ILThe best medical malpractice law firm Chicago, IL offers will tell you that wrongful death is governed by state and federal laws and held under the legal jurisdiction of medical malpractice. That means in order to file a medical wrongful death lawsuit, there must also be a cause shown against a hospital or doctor for medical malpractice. Although the determination of a wrongful death legal action can be difficult, there are some steps Sherinian Law can take to help you take action. These steps provided by the best medical malpractice law firm Chicago, IL turns to can include proving culpability against the hospital or doctor for accepted negligent actions.

Actions Against the Hospitals

Hospitals are held to a high standard of care for their patients and are responsible for their employees’ actions and equipment maintenance. To find a hospital negligent, responsible, or a participant in a wrongful death action, your lawyer will needs to prove one of the following:

  • Failure to maintain employee competency
  • Negligence in repairing or maintaining equipment
  • Establishing unsafe protocols
  • Failure to properly staff the hospital

If the physician has visitation rights within the facility but is not an employee, our best medical malpractice law firm Chicago, IL turns to shares that generally, the hospital cannot be held responsible. It will be essential to prove some previous knowledge of problems or complications with that individual.

Actions Against the Doctors

If your medical malpractice attorney Chicago, IL residents rely on believes the health care provider was negligent in his or her care, or that his or her actions contributed to the wrongful death of your loved one, a legal action can be filed for the decedent. Issues that must be proven for a successful malpractice case can include:

  • Failure to diagnosis medical issue
  • Wrong surgery site
  • Improper dosage or medication
  • Unnecessary surgery
  • Disregarding patient’s medical history
  • Surgical errors

Your case must also prove the death was due to the sub-standard actions, care, or decisions of the medical care provider, and that you suffered damages because of the decedent’s death. Our best medical malpractice law firm Chicago, IL residents trust wants you to know that some states allow the damages to include pain and suffering or loss of consortium, but most jurisdictions do not.

Actions Against Time

Most wrongful death state laws have a statute of limitations clause that defines a specific time for filing the suit and the amount of damages that can be awarded. In the state of Illinois, the statute of limitations is two years. Make sure you talk your concerns over with our best medical malpractice law firm Chicago, IL depends on as soon as possible if you believe your loved one is the victim of a wrongful death by a hospital, facility employee, or medical care provider. Since every state has its own rules for the establishment of a valid wrongful death claim, the attorneys at Sherinian Law can let you know if your loved one’s death falls under the state’s statutes.

If you have any concerns about your loved one’s passing, immediately contact Sherinian Law to find out more about the laws governing wrongful death lawsuits and how we can help you. We provide the best medical malpractice law firm Chicago, IL offers, call us today for the help you deserve.