February 12, 2019

Will An Expert Witness Be Needed for My Truck Accident Case?

Truck Accident Lawyer

Have you recently been injured in a trucking accident? Are your medical conditions life long or even serious? Are you not expected to make a full recovery? Hearing this news can be devastating, especially when the accident that caused your injuries was at the hands of a negligent truck driver. Accessing a truck accident attorneys services can help victims to manage the legal process that lies ahead. In some cases, an attorney may even recommend the services of an expert witness to help strengthen the accident victim’s case.

The Expert Witness

Expert witnesses can be incredibly beneficial for accident victims who have been faced with damages in the wake of a trucking accident. An expert witness can be especially helpful in situations where the defendant’s attorneys are disputing the claim. An expert witness can help to prove that the person responsible breached their duty of care. They will additionally work to outline the extent of a victim’s damages and injuries. With the testimony of an expert witness, accident victims stand to obtain a maximized settlement in their favor.

The Cost of an Expert Witness

Expert witnesses can be critical to proving your case and ultimately, obtaining the settlement you may be entitled to. It’s important to be aware of the cost associated with utilizing their services. Expert witnesses can be expensive. Be sure to speak with your attorney when considering the testimony of an expert witness. You will want to make sure that their services are something that you will be able to afford in the end. In some cases, attorneys may choose to utilize the services of their own physician to attest to injuries. In some cases, this may be an option to not only help support the case but to also cut costs. This is because sometimes, utilizing a “hybrid witness” can be more cost effective and time saving. Hybrid witnesses often do not need to be brought up to speed regarding the case.

Types of Expert Witnesses

In cases involving trucking accidents, chances are the injuries a victim has experienced can be not only damaging but, lifelong. As a result, obtaining an expert witness may work to your ability should you choose to take legal action. A truck accident attorney will be helpful in guiding you through the legal process and whether your case will require expert witnesses testimony to support your claim. Some of the most common types of expert witnesses include:

  • Forensic
  • Medical
  • Vocational
  • Financial
  • Mental Health

Once a truck accident attorney begins working your case, they will begin to piece together their legal strategy for your case. As a result, they may recommend using the testimony of an expert witness to help strengthen a victim’s claim.

Expert witnesses can strengthen truck accident cases by providing factual testimony to the court. Additionally, they have the ability to offer their opinions regarding the case to help the judge or jury to have a clearer picture of the evidence being presented. An expert witness has the ability to help explain and strengthen an accident victim’s case, proving invaluable. Accident victims should work with an experienced truck accident lawyer Rockville, MD turns to for their accident case. With their counsel, they will be able to assist in identifying expert witnesses should their services be needed.

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February 11, 2019

Google’s Attempt to Patent Intel Gotten in Job Interview

Patent Attorney Chicago, IL

In an interview with patent education site Patent Pandas, Jie Qi, cofounder of edu-tech electronics biz Chibitronics, told her tale of how after inviting her to meet with company executives allegedly Google tried to patent her ideas for electronic books with embedded circuitry.   

In March 2014, Qi says, she was working on her doctorate at MIT’s Media Lab,developing techniques for integrating electronic circuits into paper books. She received an invitation to visit Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group, which was headed at the time by Regina Dugan.  During her job interview with Google she claims, she shared what she had been doing to develop interactive books and storytelling methods.

Google then proceeded to file a US patent application related to her work, a fact she didn’t realize until 2016. That’s when a friend mentioned that some of the individuals who had met her at Google had filed a patent application on interactive pop-up books embedded with circuitry.   

“These patents covered many of the same things that [I] had discussed, that I’d showed them, with no mention of my or others’ work in the field,” wrote Qi in her post.”I found out from a friend who followed a pop-up book blog – someone there was excited that Google was researching book technologies and happened to publish a blogpost about it.”   

With the support of MIT Media Lab director Joi Ito, Google offered to add Qi as an inventor of the patent. She declined, she says, because others who had worked on the project would not be included. Receiving credit as an inventor is not the same thing as being the patent assignee, the owner. While an inventor may get the credit on the patent, they don’t have the right to use the patented technology themselves.   

Dugan left ATAP shortly thereafter and ATAP’s legal counsel ended up sending the US Patent Office the prior art documentation supplied by Qi and her colleagues – the existence of prior art allows a patent examiner to decline to grant a patent because it establishes that the idea being considered for protection is not original. Ultimately,Google ended up abandoning the patent application after the controversy.  

But this was not the end of Qi legal saga about the circuit stickers!  Qi had decided not to patent her idea because as an educator she wanted to allow the public to innovate based on her idea.   This noble idea backfired on Qi when the backer of a crowdfunding campaign, Liteseeds, to develop LED stickers was allowed to file a patent on the idea without the involvement of Qi or her colleagues.In her biography page on the Liteseeds website, she even cites my first advisor Leah Buechley as inspiration without any mention our prior work in paper circuitry.

Sadly this is not an isolated incident leading some to speculate Silicon Valley has sunk to new lows in its race to patent key tech first doing whatever it takes to win. Developers Ryan Spahn recounts a similar experience with Google ATAP (part of its Motorola Acquisition) in 2013.

Spahn says in 2013 he began work on a project called SpeakerBlast, which connects internet devices so they can play audio in sync with one another. After Samsung in March that year said it would build similar capabilities into its S4 device, Google got intouch to discuss implementing the capability in the Moto X phone and a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) was signed the following month.

“They asked if we ever thought about selling our technology to them before the meeting and at the meeting they baited us for how our tech worked, saying we’d like to work with you, tell us how it works,” Spahn wrote. “Once we did, they left the room (Dugan’s Second right hand man at the time and another) and three minutes later, [they] showed us the door saying the ‘race is on.'”  According to Spahn, Google has since been awarded patents for syncing audio across phones.

Spahn continued. “I felt it was not professional and I met with many other companies like Samsung [that] acted with the utmost respect towards us. Yet, Google, whose motto is ‘Don’t be evil,’ can’t act in the same fashion?”

If you have any patent or copyright questions, a patent attorney Chicago, IL relies on from The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian, LLC can discuss your situation and provide legal guidance.

February 11, 2019

Tips for How to Handle a Car Accident if it Happens to You

 Car Accident Lawyer

Being in a car accident can feel like a jolt of shock to our body and mind, as we are flooded with stress and worry about the severity of our injuries, losses and damages. With so much going on, it can be difficult to remember everything you learned about what to do if a car accident were to occur.

Anyone who has been part of a car collision can turn to an attorney for advice and guidance. In the days and weeks after a car accident, you may have too much on your plate to deal with. It can be tough to juggle insurance, doctor appointments, work, and other life responsibilities all at the same time. They can help ease the burden of what has happened, in addition to protecting you as you try to get back onto your feet.

Try to Remain Calm and Level-Headed

Breathe slowly and deeply, take a moment before you get out of the vehicle, or do whatever else is necessary to lower your heart rate. Being in a state of panic won’t help the situation, and it may even prevent you from handling the scene accordingly.

Check Yourself for Injuries

Don’t forget that an adrenaline rush after the car accident can mask your symptoms. If you think you may be injured but don’t feel aches and pains yet, consider calling for an ambulance so you can receive the treatment you need. Get a follow-up appointment with your doctor as soon as possible in the days after too, to ensure your injuries have not worsened. If you experience any of the symptoms listed below, it may be best to get yourself to the nearest emergency room versus waiting for a regular appointment:

  • Severe headaches that have not decreased in intensity
  • Abdominal pain
  • Passing out, dizziness or disorientation
  • Deep purple, green and yellow bruising
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Tingling sensations or numbness

Notify Your Agent

If you can, submit a car accident claim to your insurer that same day. An insurance agent can help you work through your options, and give you advice on what steps to take next. After filing a claim with your own insurer, do not provide a statement to any other representatives who may contact you. An attorney can help protect you from being tricked by the other driver’s insurance company or an adjuster, who may call and try to get you to say something that hurts your claim.

Car accidents are not to be taken lightly, and many people do not realize just how important it is to contact a legal professional for insight. Victims of car accidents may find themselves shelling out money for medical bills and vehicle repairs. A car accident attorney Des Moines, IA offers can help you fight for compensation for repayment of these losses.

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January 25, 2019

What are the differences between libel, slander, and defamation?

Personal Injury Lawyer

As our personal injury lawyer can tell you, there is much confusion surrounding libel, slander, and defamation as well as when it violates someone’s civil rights. At Konrad Sherinian, we have protected the rights of a wide range of people with varying backgrounds and circumstances. One thing that many of our clients have had in common over the years is how they were badly mistreated and subsequently hurt through the actions of other individuals or companies. We are here to protect the rights of victims, and to recover their damages whenever possible.

If you were egregiously hurt by an act of defamation, we invite you to call us. You can speak with a skilled personal injury lawyer at no expense to you in an introductory consultation. We want to hear about what happened to you and determine if we can help you recover your damages.

Defamation (whether it’s libel and/or slander) is a non-bodily form of harm against someone. The resulting damages can be recovered from the perpetrator with the help of a personal injury lawyer. Below is a general explanation of both forms of defamation, but after a complimentary consultation with our personal injury lawyer, you may have a clearer idea of the strength of your case.

What is defamation?

Defamation is the damaging of someone else’s reputation by someone who writes and/or speaks an untrue statement about someone else. A victim can be defamed in the form of libel, slander, or both. Depending on the circumstances, the victim may be able to file a claim or a lawsuit against the perpetrator. A personal injury lawyer, like a personal injury lawyer in Phoenix, can help the victim file a personal injury claim and negotiate a settlement on their behalf. If necessary, they can also represent the victim in a personal injury lawsuit against the person who defamed them. Our personal injury lawyer can help determine if what happened to you goes far beyond the perpetrator’s right to freedom of speech.

What is libel?

Libel is a form of defamation that occurs in written form. For instance, if someone buys a billboard and on that billboard announces that a certain private individual is a thief, the individual may have grounds to file a libel suit against the billboard lessee.

What is slander?

Slander is a form of defamation that occurs in spoken form. For instance, if someone is being interviewed on radio or for a TV program and accuses a private individual of being a thief, the individual may have grounds to file a slander suit against the person being interviewed.

Who cannot seek damages for defamation?

Even if the above criteria is met, certain people cannot attempt to recover their damages. The most common examples are celebrities and major politicians.

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January 14, 2019

Insider Information Lawyers Know About Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Attorney Chicago, IL

Would you like to know insider information about your malpractice claim that lawyers usually only tell their friends and family?  Read on, we spill some of the helpful tips that can make the difference between a substantial payout and your case being dismissed.

Many law firms already have hired relationships with doctors and nurses to help perform initial reviews of cases.  These medical professionals are trained in chart review how to look for signs an error or negligence may have happened directly causal to symptoms you suffer from.  You can help this process through doing your own careful documentation in a typed or handwritten log of key events in a timeline of your claim.

Sadly, there is no legal published list stating how many times a doctor has been sued in the past or was a part of a medical malpractice settlement.  Only In recent years have doctors received patient ratings that show up during internet searches. At times just one very ill patient or one with unrealistic expectations can skew the results for a given doctor to a low score.  Also be aware that these scores are very subjective. Some of the most skilled physicians aren’t necessarily the most personable. Sometimes patients are rating based on bedside manner and not just clinical results.

Next, the geographic location where your claim happened matters. Veterans Administration hospitals is held liable for medical malpractice under the Federal Tort Claims Act. Their rules and procedures will be handled differently from that of an average public or private hospital. Malpractice claims are filed in the county where your event occured. Cook County is known to be the most supportive in Illinois for plaintiffs to file, but the success rate for cases that goto trial is still only around 20%.  Don’t be surprised if it is more beneficial for your possible recovery to accept a settlement. But only make this decision after being sure you trust your legal team. Only they know the best legal strategy given all the complex factors that come into play in cases such as these.

In rural counties in Illinois, the success for plaintiffs is very low.  This is one reason why when you select where to go for future complex health treatments it is often wise to seek several opinions.  Also it is a good idea to consider travelling to a well-regarded teaching or urban hospital. In many cases the doctors there will be more experienced due to a higher volume of cases treated.   

You hold responsibility for your own treatment. One example of failing to doso can be if you left the hospital early AMA, Against Medical Advice, what insurance companies call comparative negligence. This means if you found to be 50% responsible, then you may only recover 50% of the associated damages in an injury claim. If found more than 50% at fault, you will get nothing.  In the future, bring a witness with you to procedures where you may have poor memory of directives the doctor gave or be coming out of anesthesia.

There are very few firms that have a track-record of winning medical malpractice cases. Hiring inexperienced firms can ruin your chance of winning your case.  Make sure you interview a potential medical malpractice attorney Chicago, IL offers at The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian, LLC carefully.