Trademark Lawyer Naperville IL

A trademark lawyer Naperville IL business owners trust understands that one of the most important aspects of a business is its name. After all, the name of your company is where branding begins — so a company’s name can often play a large part in its success. A skilled Naperville trademark lawyer, such as Konrad Sherinian, also knows that many business owners debate over whether or not it is really necessary to put the time and money toward trademarking their business’ name.

Why Do I Need a Trademark Lawyer in Naperville IL?

There are several reasons why you may benefit from having a trademark lawyer Naperville IL trusts prepare and submit a business trademark for your company. When your attorney submits a trademark application to register your business name, the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) will conduct a search to make sure that the name has not already been registered by another entity. This part of the process protects you from unknowingly committing trademark infringement on an existing trademark — something that could cause major legal and financial headaches in the future.

A trademark lawyer Naperville IL offers knows that it is much better to know about this information before you actually build that brand recognition and equity.

Once you have registered your business name, you have created a protection for your business against other companies that could try to copy your name and benefit from your success. Having the trademark for your business name gives you the leverage you may need to be able to legally stop another business from trademark infringement.

Should any trademark disputes or issues come up, a trademark lawyer Naperville IL companies depend on may collect legal proof via the date you registered your trademark with the USPTO. The trademark registration is your official proof that the business name is yours. This trademark gives you the legal right to challenge any attempts by another entity to try to use your business name or a similar sounding name in order to profit from the goodwill that you have built up.

Smart Financial Decision

Trademarking your business name is a smart financial decision to make. By doing so, you protect other companies from cashing in on your success. If a company does try to infringe on your company name, not only does the trademark registration give you the legal right to stop it. It may also allow you to pursue any financial damages your company may have suffered because of another business’ infringement.

Sherinian Law: A Trademark Lawyer Naperville IL Business Owners Trust

If you are a business owner, it’s important to protect your brand. You probably don’t want to take the risk that some other entity could come along and scoop up your unregistered trademark, allowing them to financially benefit from your reputation and hard work. Whether you are an entrepreneur just starting out or an established company, Sherinian Law offers a full range of trademark and copyright services to assist you in your business needs.

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