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Is it Better to Trademark Your Business Name?

Trademark attorney Naperville ILIf you have a new brand to protect, a trademark attorney Naperville IL trusts at The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian, LLC can help you. We provide services such as trademark registration, protecting a product name, logo, company name, slogan, service name, domain name, or tagline. Our trademark attorney Naperville IL  also gives competent advice in selecting a strong and protectable trademark. For example, we can conduct a search to ensure that your mark is distinct from your competitors. A trademark attorney at The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian, LLC has experience in choosing, protecting, as well as enforcing trademarks.

A small business owner is protective of their “baby” and will likely be concerned about protecting its name. Without the proper precautions, your business name, logo, or specific products can be ruined by other businesses taking and using them as their own. Consider taking the necessary steps to ensure no one can rip your brand off by consulting with a trademark attorney Naperville IL companies trust

Application Process

As a trademark attorney Naperville IL CEOs can explain, when you apply to be licensed as a corporation or LLC, the Secretary of State’s Office will confirm that your business’s proposed name is not already in use in your state. State laws vary about how different similar names of businesses can be, though they should be distinguishable. If it is too similar, then the license could be denied.

If all goes well and you are approved, the name of your business is protected under state law. It is important to remember that although another LLC or corporation will be prohibited from using your business’s name, a sole proprietorship or partnership still may be able to use it. The name may also be taken by businesses in other states.

You may be satisfied with protection of your brand at the state-level, but if you are concerned that you may have issues with businesses out of state bearing the same name, then you should look into further protection. A trademark attorney Naperville IL locals call can explain the benefits of having these protections in place.

If you want to expand your reach across the nation, you may feel that a federal trademark will benefit you the most.

Trademark Basics

A phrase, word, design, or symbol (or any combination of them) that distinguishes one business over their competition is an example of a trademark. These are meant to provide a distinct identity to businesses. One famous example is the golden arches symbol guiding the public into a certain fast food chain’s parking lots.

Trademarks are granted federally by the US Patent and Trademark Office and the protection extends from the federal to the state level as well. When a trademark is granted, the owner has the exclusive rights to its use and can prevent anyone else from stealing it.

You may choose to not apply to trademark your business name, however you should at least search the USPTO database to be sure nobody else has filed a trademark for the same business name. Then contact a trademark attorney Naperville IL residents recommend to do a name search and be sure no one is using your name at the state, county, and federal levels.

You will need to conduct this search if you do plan to apply, otherwise, if your application is denied, you will need to begin the process all over again. Some businesses feel safe with the state level protections they enjoy, but that may not be enough if someone else decides to register for a trademark.

As you begin to create your business plan, it is an excellent idea to employ a trademark attorney Naperville IL offers to discuss these protections and other business issues you may come across. Contact us today so you may be aware of these issues and strategies to avoid other potential issues when building your business.

What Can a Trademark Attorney Do for My Business?

A trademark attorney helps in all respective cases of trademark procurement, protection and enforcement. A trademark is a word, phrase, design or symbol, or is a combination of words, phrases, designs or symbols, that identifies as well as distinguishes the source of goods of one party from the goods of others. A service mark is similar to a trademark, except that it identifies as well as distinguishes the service source rather than a product source.

We provide services regarding the registration of a federal trademark on the Principal or Supplemental Register of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Such registration offers the trademark holder various advantages including notice of the claim by registrant about the ownership of the trademark to the public.

Another advantage of registration on the Principal Register is the legal presumption of ownership of the mark as well as the exclusive right of the registrant the the mark nationwide on or in association with the products/goods and/or services as listed in the registration.

Another benefit is that a trademark registrations gives its owner the ability to file a lawsuit regarding the mark in federal court. In this global economy, another key benefit is that it provides the ability to file for U.S. registration along with U.S. Customs Service in order to prevent import of foreign goods that are counterfeits of your product. Finally, a U.S. Registration allows registration in foreign countries through the Madrid Protocol.

In addition, if you require an opinion regarding potential trademark infringement, you can turn to a trademark attorney Naperville IL trusts. We can negotiate agreements with respect to licensing or transferring of trademarks as well as service marks. Clients are also advised about the links between trademarks and the Internet domain names by our trademark attorneys.

Let a Naperville Trademark Attorney Assist You

Contact The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian, LLC today if you have questions about the selection, registration, protection, or enforcement of your mark. Each competent and skillful Naperville trademark attorney from our firm provides all services related to trademarks including: trademark counseling as well as procurement, trademark enforcement, alternatives to registration on the primary register, and, of course related services, such as dealing with a cybersquatter or domain name thief.

If you need help with a trademark matter, turn to a trademark attorney Naperville IL puts its faith in, and call The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian, LLC today.