Tips to Avoid a Slip and Fall Injury

The home of a friend or family member is often considered a safe place to spend time. But, what if you slip and fall accidentally in someone else’s home? Filling a personal injury suit, in order to collect compensation, from an injury sustained in the home of a loved one, could be an awkward process. There are many ways you can avoid serious personal injury altogether.

Personal and Child Safety

When visiting someone else’s home, both adults and children could be at risk of injury if they are not aware of their surroundings in an unfamiliar setting. As an adult, protecting the child from harm may mean constant eyes on supervision. It is no secret that children like to climb on furniture regardless of whether or not it is safe. Children have been severely injured and in worst cases, died as the result of heavy furniture falling on them. Always asses the home you are at for potential risk factors for the child to ensure that they aren’t harmed when a guest in someone’s home. The exterior of a home can also pose a risk:

  • Pools (slippery areas because they are wet, i.e. kids running around pool)
  • Stacked outdoor furniture (hazardous to small children who like to climb)
  • Dead trees with limbs that could fall on children if they are climbing the tree

Hazardous Areas to Avoid

While a visitor in someone else’s home, it will be important to avoid areas that may be hazardous. Always be aware of your surroundings and avoid the following:

  • Carpeting or loose rugs that may cause you to trip
  • Cracked or loose tiling (you could fall and cut yourself)
  • Icy, wet or slippery exterior walkways

Although all cases are different, a victim of a slip and fall injury could be entitled to compensation if it is proven that the homeowner was negligent. It may be hard to file a lawsuit because of your relationship with the homeowner. They may be a friend, family member or loved one. However, it will be necessary to file a claim so that you can collect compensation from the insurance company in the event you have suffered a personal injury. The best option following a personal injury is to contact a Milwaukee personal injury lawyer who can determine whether or not you should move forward with your personal injury claim.

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