Personal Injury Lawyer Chicago IL

Do you require the services of a personal injury lawyer Chicago IL area? Many times we are involved in accidents and injuries that are due to the negligence of another person or even a company. We may end up with huge medical bills and other expenses as a result. We don’t often realize that we may have recourse to obtain a financial settlement from the person or business or their insurance company for the pain and suffering as well as reduction in our personal financial situation. If you are in a predicament that sounds something like the above and feel you have a good case against a person or company that behaved negligently and caused you an injury, contact us at Konrad Sherinian to discuss lodging a personal injury claim through our company.

As a personal injury lawyer Chicago IL based, Konrad Sherinian has a team of expert lawyers that also have experience in other fields such as science and technology and can bring a different view on aspects of your case due to their knowledge, that might be missed by other legal professionals. Our team will also get involved in collecting evidence, recreating accident scenes where necessary, take witness statements, obtain video and pictures related to the accident that caused your injuries and prepare your case in preparation for a court battle. Our personal injury lawyer Chicago IL based team will attempt to obtain compensation outside of the courts but should no reasonable settlement be offered, we are able to take your personal injury case all the way through to trial.

Personal injury suits are not restricted to motor vehicle or slip and fall accidents. Our personal injury lawyer Chicago IL area staff are able to assist you with information and advice with regards medical malpractice suits, nursing home negligence or abuse, or any injuries resulting from the negligence of another party or business concern. Should an injury be sustained due to someone else’s negligence and it causes you pain, suffering, medical costs, loss of income or any other personal suffering and financial loss, you may be able to claim for compensation from the offending party.

As a well-versed personal injury lawyer Chicago IL team, we can offer a compassionate and understanding approach to help you through the process to obtain compensation for the pain, trauma and physical as well as financial losses you may have suffered. Should you need to file on behalf of a family member who is disabled, severely injured, mentally incapacitated or has passed away due to injuries or medical malpractice, we can also assist you with the correct processes and procedures to be followed in these cases to obtain compensation for the family and for any care that may be needed for the incapacitated person for their lifespan. We understand how traumatic the process can be, especially if a loved one has been lost and can assist you every step of the way to try and make the process as painless as possible for you and your family. If you need to contact a personal injury lawyer Chicago IL trusts, give us a call and let us assist you in obtaining compensation for your losses. If your claim is valid, we can help you take the case all the way to obtain the settlement or verdict that is appropriate for your case.