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The Three Types of Patents

If you’ve invented or designed something, you may want to work with a patent lawyer Chicago IL professionals rely on to protect your property. Patent law can be tricky. For this reason, it may be in your best interest to work with a Chicago patent lawyer to make sure every detail is addressed. The professionals at Sherinian Law are here to help.

Design Patent

You may want to seek a design patent if you’ve created an original design of a product or other item. For example, if you design a computer screen icon or a new digital wallpaper, you may be eligible for a design patent.

A patent lawyer Chicago IL has to offer may tell you that there is one important thing about a design patent:  it can’t be granted for something that is functional. In other words, if you design a new chair, you would be patenting your specific design and not the actual chair. A design patent protects your design for 14 years after issuance. Patent law can be confusing, which is why you may want to work with a patent lawyer in Chicago IL.

Utility Patent

The utility patent is the most common type of patent applied for. Utility patents cover creations in five different categories:

  • Process
  • Machine
  • Manufacture
  • Composition of matter
  • Improvement of an existing idea

Your invention may actually fall into more than one of the above categories, but only one patent is issued regardless. By acquiring a utility patent, others can’t make, use, sell, or import your invention for at least 20 years from the patent application filing date.

Plant Patent

Chances are, you aren’t applying for a plant patent — but it doesn’t hurt to know what this type of patent is all about. Plant patents are the least common type of patents. A plant patent is for a new asexually reproducible plant. You may need this patent if you create hybrids or mutants of an existing plant. The patent would protect your creation to prevent anyone from creating the same plant or making a profit from the plant for a minimum of 20 years from the patent application filing date.

Your patent lawyer Chicago IL respects may be able to give you further advice about a plant patent if this is the type you need.

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The process of applying for a patent can be long and difficult, which is why you may want help from a patent lawyer Chicago IL trusts. Additionally, once you obtain the patent, you may need to file lawsuits or copyright infringements against individuals who try to use your patent during the protection period, which is also something you may want to hire a lawyer for.

When you’ve created something new, don’t leave things to chance. Protect your creation with a patent so no one can steal, use, or profit from your unique idea. When you’re ready to learn more about the patent process, call the patent lawyer Chicago IL professionals recommend from Sherinian Law at 312-981-0338 today.