Patent Attorneys Chicago IL

If you plan to patent your invention, you may want to speak to patent attorneys Chicago IL trusts. Filing a patent is complicated and can take up a lot of your time. Patent applications are examined very thoroughly and may get denied if standards and requirements aren’t met. At Sherinian Law, we are knowledgeable about patent law and may help you file a patent successfully.

Why a Patent Is Important

Filing a patent can be a long and tedious process, but the benefits make it worthwhile. Here are a few benefits a patent provides:

  • Prevent Theft: If you hire patent attorneys in Chicago IL to help you get a patent, you won’t have to worry about others stealing your invention. If others attempt to copy, distribute or sell your invention without permission, you have the right to sue for damages.
  • Increased Revenue: Excluding others from making and selling your invention can reduce supply in the marketplace. If there is a market demand for your product, you can charge higher prices for it and bring in more revenue.
  • Expand Market Share: Patent attorneys Chicago IL respects may have represented clients who had the opportunity to expand their patented inventions into different markets. If you have a patented product, you can license the rights to businesses in different markets and receive royalty payments from sales.

Conditions a Patent Must Meet

An invention is required to meet several conditions to obtain patent protection. When applying for a patent with patent attorneys Chicago IL relies on, make sure your invention meets the following conditions:

  • Novelty: An invention must be completely unknown to others to be patentable. In your patent application, you must explain how your invention is different from previous inventions
  • Utility: Usefulness is another factor used to determine if an invention is patentable or not. To meet this requirement, your invention has to be useful right now. If you can only demonstrate that the invention has the potential to be useful in the future, it isn’t considered patentable.
  • Non-Obvious: Proving that an invention is sufficiently unique is one of the most common challenges Chicago patent attorneys see their clients face. To satisfy this requirement, you must demonstrate that there is an inventive leap between your invention and previous inventions. If your invention’s usefulness is just the next logical step of an existing patented invention, a patent may be denied.
  • Not Disclosed: An invention also can’t be disclosed to the public before filing a patent. If you talk about your invention with others before you fill out an application, it isn’t considered public knowledge anymore and can’t be patented.

Filing a patent is a big step for your invention, so take your time filling out the application. If you don’t understand something in the application, you may want to hire patent attorneys Chicago IL can provide for help. They may review your application for accuracy and help you fix any errors.

If you are searching for patent attorneys Chicago IL offers, contact Sherinian Law today.