Patent Attorney Chicago IL

Have you discovered something new and are looking for a patent attorney Chicago IL respects to help you protect? As Patent Attorneys we specialize in the protection of inventions, industrial designs, and other intellectual property. We are also able to advise you on the risks of infringing on design and utility patents that are already in place. As a firm that is very experienced in patent law, if you are looking for a patent attorney Chicago IL turns to, look no further than The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian, LLC for skilled patent attorneys. As one of the leading patent attorney Chicago IL firms, we provide a quality service for patents, intellectual property, commercial litigation, internet law as well as technology.

Our patent law team comprised of qualified patent attorneys, can offer advice, assist with research into existing patents and other prior art to determine if your idea or invention is eligible for patent protect. The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian, LLC, as the patent attorney Chicago IL respects, can offer guidance through the application process to obtaining your patent. Our staff is fully qualified and experienced to assist you through this process. Knowledge of the law is only a small part of the patent application process. As a top patent attorney Chicago IL has available, we specialize in patent law and can offer the experience in this field that few other companies can.

Patent law is a very specialized field and hiring a patent attorney Chicago IL relies on can be the difference between a successful application and the illusion of protection that may not actually exist. A patent needs to be well written to afford you the full legal protection possible for your invention. You would not want to go through the process to find that a competitor has been able to use your work due to an application that was not well written and presented. A qualified patent lawyer needs to understand the work you are attempting to protect, and not only the law surrounding the application.

Patent lawyers must be able to explain the patent they are applying for in words that are plain, clear and simple. The legal and technical knowledge is extremely important to the application, but the patent attorney also needs to be able to explain everything in a concise, clear way to avoid any misconceptions and also be able to successfully litigate the patent should the need arise. The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian, LLC as a top patent attorney Chicago IL has available, can offer you quality service from a brand name that is trusted in the area. Even though we are a small firm, we ensure that the quality you might get from a larger firm is evident in the work we provide.

We can assist, not only with the patent application, but also fending off opposition suits, or mounting one if your case is good. We also help fend off nuisance suits that may come up during or after your patent, copyright, trademark or intellectual property registration process.

Our team can offer law, scientific, technological and engineering knowledge to ensure that your project is fully understood and well presented and that your invention is protected. If you seek representation from a quality patent attorney Chicago IL can depend on, look no further than The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian, LLC.