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If you have questions about utility patents, a Chicago patent attorney can help.  At the Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian, LLC we have multiple patent attorneys on staff that can assist you.

Utility patents protect the functional aspects of your invention. Utility patents prevent others from making, using, selling, offering to sell or importing into the US competing goods or services that would violate the scope of protection.

Utility patents protect inventions that are new and an advancement on the current technology. A utility patent can be directed to any manufactured good or industrial process, based on the function or operation of your product. Utility patents can be obtained for everything from software applications to transmissions systems to pharmaceuticals and more or less everything in between.  Approximately 90% of patents that are issued by the United States Patent & Trademark Office are utility patents.

A utility patent permits its owner to exclude others from making, using, or selling the claimed invention for a period of twenty years from the earliest priority date, subject to the payment of maintenance fees.

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