Patent Prosecution

A great patent starts with understanding the underlying technology. Most patent attorneys never actually worked in industry, and for the few that did, it is usually limited to a few semesters of “work-study,” with a large company where they spent most of their time getting coffee for the real engineers. Many of our attorneys have extensive experience in industry, where they designed and worked on cutting-edge projects. This allows them to actually understand your invention, as well as the various technologies that your invention may interact with.

However, understanding the underlying technology is not enough. A patent prosecutor must also understand the ever changing law that governs patent enforcement, as well as the strategies that litigators have tried in the past and are likely to try in the future to invalidate patents. By actually litigating cases for both plaintiffs and defendants, our patent attorneys stay on top of the latest legal developments and help formulate the leading strategies of patent litigators.

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A great patent starts with understanding the underlying technology