Illinois Trademark Attorney

Illinois Trademark Attorney

If you are looking for an Illinois Trademark Attorney you are in the right place.  We can help you file both Illinois and Federal Trademarks on a fixed fee basis.  This page explains our Illinois Trademark Services; see our Federal Trademark Page for information on Federal Trademarks.

Generally, our fee for filing most Illinois Trademarks with up to three classes is $525.  Our fee includes 1) conducting a preliminary search on your mark as well as related terms, 2) our written opinion regarding the likelihood of your obtaining a mark on your selected term, 3) if there is an issue with your selected trademark, our advice regarding alternative terms that are likely to be allowed by State of Illinois, 4) our advice regarding classifications and goods and service descriptions for your mark, and 5) our preparation and filing of your trademark application.  This process gives you a very high chance of obtaining your trademark with a very high degree of certainty regarding your costs.  

One common question that we receive is what the benefits of an Illinois trademark are?  

First, registration of an Illinois mark entitles you to a presumption of use statewide.  This is critical, as for an unregistered mark, you must prove the geographic extent of your use.  For example, if you open up a restaurant in Montgomery, Illinois and a competitor opens up a restaurant with the exact same name in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, with a registered mark of the name, you will likely win, because you do not need to prove usage – it is presumed.  On the other, with an unregistered mark, you will likely lose, as you never used the mark before in Buffalo Grove – accordingly, a competitor could prevent you from expanding simply by opening up a competing restaurant with the same name in a location before you!

Second, a registered mark is presumed valid.  On the other hand, with an unregistered mark, you must prove validity.  Again, this can make the difference between an easy win, and a loss.

And, remember that winning or losing a trademark case can literally be the difference between life and death for your business. A win means you can subject your opponent to an injunction to prevent your competitor’s use of the mark ever again.  In addition, you may be entitled to disgorgement of all profits that they generated from use of your mark and your attorneys’ fees that you accrued in litigation.  On the other hand, if you lose a trademark case, in certain cases, you can be forced to pay your competitor’s attorneys’ fees.  Given that attorneys’ fees in an Illinois Trademark case can easily exceed $100,000, this can literally mean the difference between your small business thriving, and being bulldozed by a better prepared competitor!

Given how inexpensive an Illinois Trademark filing is – a mere $525 including legal fees – can you really afford to NOT file one?  Contact the Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian, LLC today to start your fixed fee trademark filing today!

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