Fuel System Failure and Motorcycle Accidents: A Quick Guide

Most motorcyclists already know that proper care and maintenance of a motorcycle is key in avoiding accidents and potentially injuries. The problem is that even if you’re diligent about motorcycle maintenance, your bike could still suffer from a fuel system failure or other malfunction that directly causes a crash. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents have a far greater chance of causing serious injuries or even death. In fact, statistics from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) show that the risk of fatal crash is 35 times higher for motorcyclists than it is for cars.

Engine malfunctions and fuel system failures aren’t generally a problem when driving a car. In most cases, the driver can usually safely maneuver the vehicle out of traffic and off to the side of the road. However, when a fuel system failure causes a motorcycle engine to stall, it can easily lead to the rider losing control and potentially crashing. In cases where the fuel system failure or other mechanical issue is directly caused by a defect or design flaw, you may be entitled to file a personal injury claim against the manufacturer of the faulty part. This allows you to seek compensation for any injuries sustained as a result of the crash.

Problems Caused by Fuel System Failures

There are a number of different ways that a fuel system failure can cause or contribute to an accident. There have been several high profile recalls and lawsuits in the past related to faulty fuel systems that cause a loss of fuel pressure.

Loss of control due to a stalled engine can be bad enough. However, even if the faulty fuel system doesn’t directly cause the accident, it can make the results far worse. Under certain circumstances, a defective fuel system could cause the bike to spontaneously catch fire or potentially even explode upon impact in a crash.

Leaking fuel tanks and hoses, improper placement of the fuel tank, and defective shut-off valves — there are a number of different fuel system problems that have the potential to cause fuel-fed fires. This obviously makes routine care and maintenance important. Nonetheless, the number of high-profile recalls shows that many mechanical flaws and defects aren’t noticed until after it’s too late and they’ve already contributed to numerous accidents, injuries and, in many cases, fatalities.

The Importance of Proper Maintenance

Proper maintenance is obviously important in helping to prevent motorcycle accidents. However, keeping records to show that your bike was properly maintained could also prove important when filing a personal injury claim. Without detailed maintenance records, the defense may try to shift the liability onto you by claiming that you were negligent in maintaining the bike. On the other hand, those maintenance records could serve as proof that the fault lies with the manufacturer or maintenance technician.

Seeking Compensation for Your Injuries

If you or a loved one has experienced serious injuries or death as a direct result of a faulty fuel system or other mechanical defect, it is vital that you seek the assistance of a motorcycle accident lawyer Las Vegas NV relies on in order to get the legal advice and help you deserve. The law is very clear, and manufacturers can be held responsible for any personal injuries suffered as a result of a faulty product or design flaw. This means that you may be entitled to compensation to help cover the costs of any medical bills. A personal injury attorney might also be able to help you receive damages for any pain and suffering, loss of wage-earning potential and temporary or permanent disability.

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