Chinese Medical Malpractice Lawyer Chicago IL

chinese medical malpractice lawyer chicago ilIf you are a native Chinese speaker and harmed by the negligence of a medical doctor, Depeng (Edward) Bi (毕德朋律师), a Chinese medical malpractice lawyer Chicago IL residents trust can help you. Edward practices medical malpractice law in the great Chicago area, including Chicago, Naperville, Aurora, Buffalo Grove, Deerfield, Joliet, and other cities. Litigating a medical malpractice case without competent and effective counsel can be both overwhelming and futile. Working with a lawyer not fluent in Chinese further exacerbates the challenge to seek justice in a court of law. As a native Chinese speaker, Chinese medical malpractice lawyer Edward speaks the same language as you do.

Chinese medical malpractice attorney Edward has represented numerous medical malpractice victims to seek justice in past years. The injuries include damages to nerve roots, foreign objects left in body after surgeries, harm to joints, failure to diagnose cancer, and others.

Medical malpractice is professional negligence by a medical professional’s act or omission. The medical professional can be a medical doctor, a dentist, a radiologist, a nurse, a nurse practitioner, or a physician assistant. The negligence occurs when the medical professional owed the patient a duty, breached the duty by deviating from standard of care and the breach proximately caused harm to a patient. The standard of care is what a reasonable doctor is required to do under the same or similar circumstances. In the context of medical malpractice, one or more medical experts in different area are usually required to testify for establishing liability and proximate cause. The experts are medical doctors and/or technologists who review the relevant medical records, determine whether medical malpractice has occurred, and testify that the defendant medical professional has committed medical malpractice and the negligence caused the patient’s injury or injuries. In certain cases, an economist is required to help determine economic damages to the patient. Furthermore, a life planning expert may be obtained to help determine the amount of money to support the patient’s life after the injury caused by the negligence.

As a Chinese medical malpractice lawyer who speak Chinese fluently, Edward has counseled and represented numerous Chinese patients. If you think you have a case, whether it is a misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose, delay in treatment, misfill of prescription drug, surgical mistake, foreign object left in body, misread of a radiology image, or something else, please contact Edward (毕律师) at 630-318-2606.