Chicago IL Patent Lawyer

When you are trying to take your invention from a concept or idea into a real creation, you might want to consider a Chicago IL patent lawyer. Whether you have a working prototype or a complex set of sketches, before you introduce your product to investors, you need to protect your intellectual property. You might be thinking to yourself, “I’ve spent all of my money on my invention and I have very little to spend on a patent lawyer in Chicago IL.” Luckily, there are affordable law firms that could assist you on your endeavor and give you the most practical solutions to you needs.

The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian has been diligently working for decades in the legal spectrum of intellectual property, which includes patents. Guided by our vast knowledge, copious amounts of skill, and a zealous passion for success, we have built a strong and boisterous reputation.

The Role of a Chicago IL Patent Lawyer

Not every lawyer is able to file for a patent. A lawyer must have gone to law school, passed the state bar, and be able to pass a patent bar exam. To qualify for the test, the lawyer must be able to show some kind of formal certification or education in a technical field. Often, a Chicago IL patent lawyer may have a background in programming, engineering, science, or technology. After this, they must register with the U.S. patent office.

A Chicago IL patent lawyer typically writes a large number of patents every year. Some specialize in certain fields of patenting such as pharmaceuticals or robotic engineering. Having a professional who understands these highly complex matters can be enormously valuable to your innovation. You can feel confident that a lawyer will not only know how to write the patent, but also anticipate rejections. Should these arise, a good Chicago IL patent lawyer may then use the law to get your patent officially accepted.

Is a Patent Lawyer Necessary?

Having a Chicago IL patent lawyer is not absolutely necessary to apply for a patent. If you have invented a product, you might submit your own patent application. However, doing this is often more easily said than done. When you go to write a patent, you will have to convey complex technical details of your design to ensure that it will fully protect your idea. Even if your invention is relatively simple and you have no problem writing about how it works, filing a patent on your own could be risky.

In between the immaculate details needed by the patent office, there are also numerous oversights, omissions, and other finite matters that can limit what or how you patent something.

If you are adamant about filing your own patent, at the bare minimum, you should have a Chicago IL patent lawyer review it before your submission. The alternative to both of these options is to write and submit a provisional patent application. These give you one year to officially file a formal application and they are useful to present your “unofficially” patented product to investors. As soon as you get an investment, a Chicago IL patent lawyer may draft the entire application for you.

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