Car Accident Lawyer Chicago IL

Contact Sherinian Law to speak with a car accident lawyer Chicago IL motorists choose to represent them. Damage claims resulting from car accidents can run in the many thousands of dollars because of property damage, but more importantly, from injuries. As a result, claims can involve large sums of money. This is why many victims choose to hire a car accident lawyer in Chicago IL to protect their rights.

Our lawyers at Sherinian Law have assisted thousands of auto accident victims. If you’re considering hiring a car accident lawyer Chicago IL drivers trust, call us today for a free consultation. One of our attorneys can give you an honest appraisal of your damage claim.

Potential Property Damages
When a negligent driver damages your vehicle in an accident, you may have the legal right to receive compensation for your costs. Your damages might include any or all of the following:

1. Vehicle repairs, including parts and labor.
2. Vehicle replacement if it’s totaled.
3. Towing fees.
4. Rental car costs while your vehicle is being repaired or replaced.

Do I need a lawyer for a property damage claim?

If the accident didn’t result in any injuries and the property damage was minor, you probably don’t need an attorney. However, in many situations a Chicago IL car accident lawyer is recommended. Call us at Sherinian Law if any of the following is true:

1. You don’t think you were injured but you’re not sure. How is this possible? Sometimes injury symptoms are delayed and only develop days, or sometimes weeks, after the accident. A slightly sore neck could signal something more ominous. A headache could be symptomatic of a head injury. The list is almost endless. When you speak with the insurance adjuster or anyone other than the investigating police officer, do not discuss your physical, emotional, or mental state. For example, if you were to tell them you’re fine in the moments immediately after the accident when you don’t realize you’re hurt, they can use this against you later. Many victims have had their claim denied as a result of having offered information that they weren’t legally required to share. Save that information for a car accident lawyer Chicago IL drivers victims trust.

2. Damages to your vehicle or other property are at least several thousand dollars. The costlier your damages, the more it makes sense to hire an attorney to make sure you receive maximum compensation.

3. The other driver has no insurance or not enough coverage to reimburse your costs. It’s possible that your own insurance policy will cover the balance, but it’s also possible your own insurance agency will deny your claim. A car accident lawyer Chicago IL residents turn to can file a lawsuit against the negligent driver and pursue their assets, if necessary. They can also file a request that their wages be garnished and paid to you until the debt is covered.

Very often, our lawyers at Sherinian Law will handle property damage claims for our personal injury clients. This is a service we sometimes offer for clients who have sustained serious injuries due to a negligent driver. Call our offices today at (312) 981-5004 to find out if a car accident lawyer Chicago IL provides is your best option.

A Car Accident Lawyer Chicago IL Locals Choose

Sadly, the average Chicago car accident lawyer sees many cases where accident victims need extensive and long term medical care. Surprisingly, injuries are not always apparent immediately after the accident. Because it’s not unusual for victims to be unaware that they have sustained a serious physical injury and therefore will have no idea how it might affect their life in the months or years to come. And in the interim they may agree to an insurance settlement that turns out to be far less than what they need.

  • A persistent back or neck ache following an accident can indicate greater damage.
  • Whiplash is the number one injury sustained by drivers who are hit from behind and it does not always present itself immediately.
  • A single doctor’s appointment for a stiff neck can lead to several visits as well as physical therapy and possibly even surgery.
  • Spinal injuries and internal injuries are commonly undetected without a professional medical exam and diagnosis. A car accident victim may think their back or stomach pain is something less serious and ignore it which can be a serious mistake.

No-Obligation Case Review

The car accident lawyer Chicago IL depends upon to assist clients during times like these is Sherinian Law. Our attorneys will carefully review your medical documents and other details about your case. The pain and suffering involved in a car accident are factors that your car accident lawyer in Chicago IL will take into consideration when reviewing the viability of your case.

  • Individuals who are injured can lose substantial income or even their job while they recuperate or undergo physical rehabilitation.
  • They also may have limited functionality of their bodies and tire easily.
  • They may suffer a loss of wages, lose job security, or possibly not be able to return to their job if they cannot fully recover from their injury.

Sherinian Law

You may wonder if you have a law case and how much you may receive in compensation. A car accident lawyer Chicago IL relies upon will not be able to give you your exact numbers during your first conversation, but they should be able to give you an idea of whether or not you do have a case. Because Sherinian Law offers a free consultation, it is a good idea to call as soon as possible.

After a decision has been made to work together, your car accident lawyer Chicago IL will determine the potential monetary outcome of your case. Our attorneys at Sherinian Law will make every effort to recover maximum compensation for you from those who were at fault for your car accident.

The car accident lawyer Chicago IL depends upon from Sherinian Law will be happy to review your case at no charge and you will be under no obligation to hire him. If you are unable to visit our office because you are still hospitalized from your injury, we can arrange for one of our attorneys to visit you. We can provide you with the legal services you need to recover your damage costs. To avoid missing the statute of limitations deadline, contact us immediately to speak with a car accident lawyer Chicago IL relies upon to help them get justice.