Chicago Patent Attorney & Intellectual Property Attorney

Intellectual Property is more than just a great idea.  Your time, your money, your energy and the potential of your intellectual property are well worth protecting and this is not an area to cut corners.  In the fast changing world of Patents, Intellectual Property, and Technology, you need legal representation that does more than keep pace.  At Sherinian Law we treat our clients with honesty and fairness, and most importantly, we get them the results they deserve at reasonable rates.  You are in the right place.


Our firm employs multiple registered patent attorneys.  We realize that a great patent takes far more than just a great idea.  Our attorneys, who have collectively prosecuted and obtained hundreds of patents for clients, can help you obtain a great patent as well.  In addition, if you need to enforce your patent or defend against a claim of patent infringement, our patent attorneys can skillfully assist you.  And all at a fraction of the cost of the big law firms.


The trademark attorneys at our firm can help you develop and protect your brand by applying for Federal and Illinois trademarks.  Our attorneys can work with you to identify your most important marks and make sure that those marks enjoy all of the protection that the law affords them.  Our trademark attorneys can assist you with all aspects of brand protection, from clearance work and registration, to maintenance, and litigation in Court or before the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board.  In fact, our attorneys have litigated or helped resolve numerous counterfeiting cases involving a wide variety of goods and services.


Copyright attorneys at our firm are well versed with the application of U.S. Copyright Law across many industries.  We can help you obtain registrations from the U.S. Copyright Office for all types of work, and we can help counsel you with regards to the frequent changes in copyright law, especially as it pertains to new technology.  In addition, our attorneys have litigated or helped resolve hundreds of copyright suits since the firm was founded, and are especially well-versed with the legal issues that arise in copyright litigation arising out of file sharing.

Trade Secrets

The trade secret attorneys at our firm can help ensure that your most important secrets are protected to the fullest extent of the law.  In addition, if one of your trade secrets is stolen, attorneys at our firm can help you stop the misappropriation as quickly and with as little disclosure as possible.

Commercial Litigation

Since our firm’s founding in 2012, our attorneys have litigated numerous cases in various State and Federal Courts around the United States.  In addition to Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Trade Secret, and other Intellectual Property matters, our firm can help you with many other types of commercial matters.

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